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THOR - 4 Moves to Total Badassery

4 Moves to Total Badassery

4 Moves to Total Badassery




a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.

This definition should be enough of an introduction to this article. In an age where we are sat in front of our computers, or slouched on our phones, our bodies are becoming weak.

The way that technology is advancing prioritizes the mind above all else. The body has fallen to the wayside, it has become a soggy bag of flesh attached to our brains.

The result is an increase in obesity and all of the related health problems that arrive. While remedying the entire societal condition probably rests with someone much more qualified, let’s just focus on one person. You.

If you are looking to destroy the 21st century sloth that too many of us are, then the following five movements are going to get you on the road to badass kingdom, and away from desk monkey land.

Farmer Walks and Holds

Primitive, simple and effective. A farmers walk is picking something up, and walking with it. A farmers hold is picking something up and…holding it.

When doing these crazy simple moves, remember a few things.

  • Keep your back tight, straight and engaged. No slouching.
  • Lock out your triceps.
  • Make sure your whole body is engaged

This exercise will prepare your body for any physical obstacle thrown at it. You will become hardened in your entire being. This is definitely a move toward badassery.

Farmers Walk - 4 Moves to Total Badassery Sled Drags and Prowler Work

Nothing makes someone more badass than being able to push and pull large objects across the rugged earth. That is the strength you will acquire with sled and prowler work. These activities will cause a fire to start in your lungs, and strengthen your whole body.

Pushing a prowler or sled also mimics the position of a sprint, and has been shown to help athletes increase their sprint times.

Pulling a sled, perhaps with a rope attached to it can destroy your forearms, grip and upper back.

Getting to grips with these training methods will build your mental and physical fortitude. Traits that will serve you well.

Prowler - 4 Moves to Total Badassery

Breathing Squats

Watch this:

The combination of mental and physical stress during this set is so huge, that this exercise can very rightly be dubbed completely badass.

This type of squat training shouldn’t be used by complete beginners. However, if you are making decent progress in your squat, then this is a great routine to throw in to show some true physical and mental fortitude.

This training has been known to add huge amounts of weight to a squat that may have plateaued, making it a staple for experienced trainers for decades.

Another great benefit is the increased emphasis on breathe. In sport, managing your breathing is vital skill, enabling you to perform for longer with more energy.

Sledgehammer Slams

Picking up a huge sledgehammer and smashing it into a tire with all your strength is one of the most primally satisfying activities you can do.

The physical benefits include strengthening your rotational strength, your grip and your general explosive power. These are vital in sports, general life and in other gym activities. So aside from feeling like an embattled Thor, you will actually be bullet proofing your body.

If you don’t have access to a sledgehammer and tire, then an alternative is medicine ball slams. There are many of the benefits that you don’t get from this replacement, however the explosive strength is still trained very well.

Sledgehammer - 4 Moves to Total Badassery

Becoming Badass

Adding in these movements or routines into your training will give you that extra little push in the direction of becoming truly badass.




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