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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla offers a very beautiful, fleshed out open world to dive in (art direction is, once more, truly exceptional) and an intriguing, enjoyable story, especially for those who like the vikings setting. Moreover, the protagonist is well-balanced, witty and relatable, while, at the same time, (s)he allows some room for role playing. I really liked Kassandra in Odyssey and I didn’t believe that they could actually match that, but they did (plus the fact that Magnus Bruun is great as Eivor, better than Melissanthi Mahut as Kassandra imo whose performance was good, but uneven). The supporting cast is good as well, with very few exceptions. Last but not least, I really liked the spooky/mystic atmosphere of the game, Ubisoft nailed it in this aspect (the phenomenal soundtrack helps a lot with this of course).

So, why did I give it a 7, instead of an 8 or a 9? The main reasons are the following 3:

1. Lack of refinement. This is classic Ubisoft. They craft these amazing open worlds, they put so much effort and passion and love, but they sabotage themselves by not allowing a few more months of production to cover that extra mile and achieve greatness. And in order to achieve greatness you have to tend to the details as thoroughly as possible, take care of those little things very few people notice if they are there, but many people notice if they are not.

2. The combat is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand they fixed the main issue I had with Odyssey (enemy sponges), on the other the combat doesn’t always “connect”, it often feels awkward and disjointed. Also, it’s too exaggerated/arcadey for my taste (for instance, the heavy attack usually flings the enemies 5-6 meters away, wtf). I think this was the perfect opportunity for a more grounded, tight and impactful combat system which would significantly add to the immersion. Sadly, they missed it.

3. It drags far too long; obviously this is completely subjective, but I felt that the game would’ve been far better if they’d removed some of the fat (which, imo, is about 10-15 hours of unnecessary content).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying my time with the game. It’s a good game. Unfortunately though, it has some serious issues which I think Ubisoft has the knowledge, experience and resources to address, but they didn’t. And this is not the 1st time, it is actually the rule rather than the exception with all of their games.

That’s all, Severouss out.

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