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Arm Training

Arms. The reason that most 14 years olds throw on their “no pain no gainz” tank top, take a pre-workout that is too strong for them, and spend 2 hours pumping their guns in the squat rack. In all seriousness, everybody wants big arms. There is no one who lifts weights, …

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7 Habits To Live Healthy & Fit

7 habits to live healthy fit - 7 Habits To Live Healthy & Fit

Being in shape and wholesome doesn’t suggest you have to surrender yourself to operating out for hours an afternoon and ingesting nothing however fowl and steamed broccoli for every meal. In fact, there are several more powerful (and less painful!) conduct you may adopt these days to be able to …

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What To Do Before Using Torrent Client

what to do before using torrent client - What To Do Before Using Torrent Client

  This guide will help you gain a bit or probably more of the downloading speed. This guide also work on direct download. 1. Port Forward The Router – This is to ensure your connection is working properly and not blocked. Link: 2. Use Google DNS – Some internet …

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5/3/1 Workout – What / Why / How

In this article we take an in depth look at the method known as 5/3/1. What is it? Why does it work? How do you do it? The 5/3/1 workout was the brain child of iron god Jim Wendler. Wendler had his career as a powerlifter, managing the following numbers: …

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