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Bodybuilding Supplements For Beginners

Got your training program, got your diet right, what next? Well if you are reading the propaganda from famous bodybuilding magazines, the next step is to load up on about $1000 worth of supplements since without them you will remain a weakling. Maybe there is some exaggeration going on in the world of fitness magazines, so this leads us to the question of the hour – Which are the best supplements for beginners bodybuilding? What should you know about them?

Protein Powder

This is the most famous of all supplements, mainly represented by Whey protein. This is a fast and easy way to get a serving of around 30g of protein in one go. It can be added to food, smoothies etc making it a very convenient supplement.

Do you need it? Not necessarily, you can get all your protein from whole foods, chicken breast, steak etc. However, the convenience, and high absorption rate of whey protein make it a good supplement. As with all supplements, this should be used as a supplement! The vast majority of your protein should come from proper food. These can be also used straight after a workout. The traditional knowledge says that a slug of protein at this point is a great way to start your muscles recovering and growing. This leads us to another supplement.

Carby Protein Shakes

There are many, but we will discuss the waxy maize variety of post workout shakes. The reasoning behind this is that the very fast acting carbohydrate in the waxy maize shake is absorbed very quickly into your body, and used quickly by your muscles.

This can be a good source of carbohydrate for your post workout recovery. Is it completely necessary? As a beginner, making sure of the very fine details of timing of nutrients shouldn’t worry you too much. Get some form of post workout shake, the most important factor in your choosing should be protein content and absorption.

Do you need it? Try just using whey protein first, then after a few months, throw it into your diet and see what changes it makes.

Fish Oil

This is a supplement that wouldn’t just help you out, but probably your grandmother and everyone else in your family too. The fats that the majority of people get in their diet are not the fats that have a positive effect on the body, fish oil is different. It has been shown that many benefits from mood, to hair growth and skin tone can be affected by it. However, as a bodybuilder, why should you take it?

Joints, bones, and inflammation. With your new lifestyle you are going to be putting your body through fresh hell that it isn’t used to. Fish oil can help reduce inflammation and keep your joints working well. Do you need it? Put simply, yes. It’s fantastic.


This is another supplement that will help your training long term. It will help your joints, and manage inflammation in the body. The health benefits of turmeric are very well known also, so this supplement will help you in so many ways. Do you need it? Only if you want to be awesome, so yes.


The most fun of all supplements. Pre-workout can be a great tool, it can give you an extra kick in the gym, increase your pump and your nervous system response. The majority of the time, these supplements are packed full of caffeine, as it is a powerful stimulant.

As a beginner, it is not necessary for you to load up on pre-workout just yet. You should already have a strong adrenal reaction to training, and as you should be focusing more on learning the movements, being hopped up on a million grams of caffeine might not be what you need.

Do I need it? Not just yet, try it when you are more accomplished at training, and you are looking to bust through a plateau or take your training to another level. If you are very sleepy before you train, have a cup of coffee instead.


A very famous supplement that many people swear by. Used correctly, creatine can have a powerful effect on your physique and performance. The science of how creatine works can be found here. But the question remains, that as a beginner bodybuilder, is creatine a neccecisty?

Do I need it? As is the case with many supplements, they are incredible and can give you a needed boost. However, when you are starting out, your body will reward you with an immense response, and you will make some of the best gains of your entire lifting career. Later on when your gains are harder to come by, by all means cycle on and off some creatine, but for now see how far you can get without it.


The abbreviated form of Branch Chain Amino Acids, these are building blocks that can assist in muscle growth. They are very useful if you are unable to access a good protein source, and need to keep yourself ticking over for a few hours. They are also a good idea to use if you decide to use fasted cardio in your routine. Sipping on them during training, or during some cardio is a way to ensure you preserve as much muscle as is possible.

Do I need them? Although not completely essential, they can be a great way to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing any of your new gains due to circumstances. So by all means, have some when you are doing some fasted cardio, or during training. It can mean that extra edge when it comes to training.

Wrap Up

As always, the most important things are your training and your diet to ensure that you are successfully building a great body. However, to take you over that edge, well timed supplements can make the road easier, and may push you a little further than you thought was possible.

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