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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of duty: Black ops cold war takes the old and adds new, unlike black ops 4 where that game took the old that worked that people liked andCall of duty: Black ops cold war takes the old and adds new, unlike black ops 4 where that game took the old that worked that people liked and replaced it for the sake of making something brand new, I’m mostly referring to the zombies in that case, but this game takes the old that fans liked about Black Ops series and adds new to that, without removing the old. As it goes for the Cold War theme and the story.
I really want to sit down and ask few questions to the people who made the story, ask them things like what they were going for and what message, are they trying to put out if any. I get a few hints in mind. And if it’s true I think it’s really bad for this game series. The multiplayer can be fun while keeping with the games theme and even giving you an introductory cutscene just it starting up to add to the set theme, but particularly in the multiplayer I don’t like the animations in this game. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been spoiled with the motion capture from on MW and there feel for realistic looking
but fast gameplay they went for. But if I go play Black Ops 3 zombies for some reason I like the animations better. I have a theory that it cold war uses the game engine from Black Ops 4, and I didn’t like how that game felt, and a lot of people didn’t, as I’ve heard. As I was playing through the campaign i was thinking about this the whole time but didn’t want to admit it but I’m going to admit it…. The reason why they called Black ops and why Hudson woods and Mason are in the game.. they pulled a Disney…you know like other new Star wars movie had all the old characters in it but they were not themselves and we’re not involved in the main plot? Basically what they did it feels it me… Little throwbacks here and there but they pulled a Disney it feels like….. Maybe that’s why they didn’t cast the original voice actor for woods, he probably would have been pissed off like mark hamill was with Luke in The last Jedi. Look… nostalgia….is a good powerful, almost like a drug for the brain, and it helps give a happy feeling, a lot of people loved the original characters and there were bits of them in Black Ops 4, but it seemed like there was a trick for using nostalgia in a way to buy the characters, or the game. what I’m saying is like I tried to explain earlier I feel like they made a “Disney clickbait”. If the original crew were not teased in the trailers in this game then not called Black Ops. I don’t think it wouldn’t have been as popular and I don’t think much people would have bought it if it wasn’t for them being in the game. They’re nothing like themselves, of course they may not sound like them, but from what I know they could have got woods his voice actor easily but they didn’t, and for some reason they got a guy who sounds like he’s trying to sound like the previous voice actor…. why? I understand that their previous title did not go so well (Black Ops 4). But to bring back, beloved characters from the dead, so to speak, just to have the nostalgia feeling kickin so people would buy your game, then for them to be completely different. Why would you do that?I know people would complain to me and say that’s what the new modern warfare did but the new modern warfare reimagined the whole Modern Warfare trilogy, but in modern times. This game, tried to put itself between black ops 1 and 2 story.. But they treated their characters like if they reimagined them? they added bits and histologia to keep you going, there’s multiple endings and there’s one that makes me question what’s the point of this games story? Matter of fact, I think they all do that, and the thing with these Call of Duty games. The theme is the story, and the setting, and if the story is good. The rest of the game feels and looks good. If the theme is trash. The rest of it all falls apart (zombies and multiplayer). To be brutally honest, I’m upset that they didn’t try to get james C. Burns To play Woods again, as they did before. It makes sense if you were reimagining the story like Modern Warfare but they didn’t, I want to know the truth of why they did not try to get him. Imagine how you made James feel, how you made the fans feel. I’ve seen a bunch of clips on YouTube of him acting, a bunch of interviews, and that’s woods right there. you can’t put the body of his character in people’s views for nostalgia to get them to buy your game. Maybe that’s not what they did. I don’t know but that’s how I feel and I feel horrible… I feel worse Wondering how James feels. Short summary there is fun to be had with this game, especially the zombies.
But the theme for both multiplayer, and zombies the bad story and it makes the rest of the experience feel bad. Just like it would in any other Call of Duty game. Not trying to be a hater but this this reminds me of black ops 4, sometimes beloved characters should be put to rest instead of brought out of their grave and treated like this. Master Chief is a great example

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