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If you are looking for fat loss diet and workout programs or If you are looking for muscle building exercises and diet plan or If you want to live a healthy life then yes this is the correct place where you can achieve your goals.

Power Clean; A Tutorial

Deadlift - Power Clean; A Tutorial

Power Clean; A Tutorial Apart from being the coolest sounding exercise ever, what is a power clean? Why should you be doing them? And what is the proper technique and programming for them? Let’s discuss. What are Power cleans? This movement is not something that most beginners will be told …

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Bent Over Row for Beginners

Back Flex - Bent Over Row for Beginners

Bent Over Row for Beginners The bent over row is one of the most basic and effective movements in the gym that you can do. It is widely recommended by many different training programs, and that gives you a clue as to how important it can be! Let’s see some reasons why …

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The Primal Movement Patterns

Sprinting - The Primal Movement Patterns

The Primal Movement Patterns When it comes to becoming stronger, leaner and healthier it is important to understand the basics of human movement. Everything that we do physically can be split up into the 7 primal movement patterns. Even if your goal is to become a bodybuilder, shaping each body …

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The Easy Path To Clean Eating In 3 Months

Clean Eating - The Easy Path To Clean Eating In 3 Months

The Easy Path To Clean Eating In 3 Months Diets, detoxes, cleanses. All great, but all designed to not last. So many people commit to eating healthily, they overhaul their diet, and they cut out all garbage from their food. They cook delicious nutrient packed foods. The food takes longer …

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