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If you are looking for fat loss diet and workout programs or If you are looking for muscle building exercises and diet plan or If you want to live a healthy life then yes this is the correct place where you can achieve your goals.

Compound Movements – Explained

Compound Movements – Explained So you want to get lean, or you want to become a towering mass of muscle. Where to begin? If you take your cues from infomercials, and fitness magazines, perhaps they would prescribe a load of bicep curls, tricep extensions and crunches. Are these horrible exercises? …

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Ramblings of a lapse gym rat – Part One

Ramblings of a lapse gym rat – Part One                  The experience of true pain After going back to over the road driving as a long haul truck driver a little over one year ago my gym routine predictably fell into oblivion. The …

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Caffeine as a Supplement?

Caffeine as a Supplement? One of the drugs that keeps western society moving forward is caffeine. We have all been in the position where the afternoon in the office is a particular struggle that can only be helped with a red bull. Or perhaps the Monday ritual of a coffee …

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Deadlift. Do it right

Deadlift. Do it right It’s the most badass exercise that you could hope to do in the gym. Picking up a huge weight and slamming it back to earth makes you feel like the a Norse God. Are you doing it right? Let’s go through a few points that people commonly …

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Bicep Training for Beginners

Bicep Training for Beginners So you have just started training and are hoping to create your own pair of arm cannons. Great aspiration, let’s talk you through everything you need to know to get those huge biceps you want. Bits of the Bicep There are three sections of the bicep that you …

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Why You Need A Gym Buddy

Why You Need A Gym Buddy Gym buddies might conjure to your mind two fist bumping vest touting teenagers yelling “All you bro All you!”. Well, the benefits of having a gym buddy far outweigh just the occasional loud rep or two. There are four reasons that we can get …

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