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God's Trigger

ecceb2816e71d355daba33cd69b8e9c6 98 - God's Trigger

God's Trigger At its best, God’s Trigger is mindless fun. It’s fast, gorey, and ridiculous. The action is a suitable stand-in for Hotline Miami, even if the style isn’t nearly as compelling. However, the pulpy tone and ridiculous aesthetic make it easier to look past its technical limitations and limited …

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Heaven's Vault Review – Unearthing Ancient Mysteries

market gaze 4k - Heaven's Vault Review – Unearthing Ancient Mysteries

Heaven's Vault Review – Unearthing Ancient Mysteries Building a fictional language from scratch is an ambitious feat. While a handful of games (like Far Cry Primal and Skyrim) twist made-up tongues into their narratives, you don’t have to learn them yourself. Heaven’s Vault, a new adventure game from the makers …

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Katana Zero Review

katanazero blogroll 1555523922274 1280w - Katana Zero Review

Katana Zero Review Share. Sharp like an edge of a samurai sword. By Mitchell Saltzman Taking more than a few cues from Hotline Miami, Katana Zero is a blisteringly fast slash-em-up with action that’s an absolute adrenaline rush. Which is appropriate because it’s largely about a neo-noir-inspired samurai who sticks …

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Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

bdc8a978d51a1c319b2a01ed76ba2832 98 - Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey The road to failure is paved with good intentions. The developers love for the literary version of Victorian London and the works of Marion Bradley are evident. Their ability to create a compelling narrative game however, is not. Technical limitations, scenes that are …

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Anno 1800 Review

anno blogroll 1555544115756 1280w - Anno 1800 Review

Anno 1800 Review Share. Less is more in this Anno entry as Blue Byte turns back the clock. By Charles Singletary Jr. Once I got over how ugly my budding villages were going to look if I wanted them to be efficient and profitable, Anno 1800 sunk its teeth into …

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fb4bafc5c7640ef5abf08f5ed6baeb45 98 - Pathway

Pathway Pathway is fun. It’s good. Not great. Pathway’s on the cusp of greatness, though. I’m sure ever-looming deadlines rushed this game to its release, and that’s the unfortunate reality of the industry, but I still have to write about how the game currently is and not how it could …

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