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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – Final Review

destiny2osiris 1280 1512609427301 1280w - Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris - Final Review

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – Final Review Share. The curse is that it’s fairly uninteresting. By Destin Legarie The almost entirely sparse and dull content of Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 makes it one of the most disappointing Destiny additions to date. It includes a brief two- to …

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From Software's Teaser: 4 Theories on What the Game Is

fromsoftware2 1512863592022 1280w 1512875465272 1280w - From Software's Teaser: 4 Theories on What the Game Is

From Software's Teaser: 4 Theories on What the Game Is Share. Bloodborne 2? Tenchu reboot? Something completely new? Here are some theories about From Soft’s teaser. By Marty Sliva and Zach Ryan After releasing an eerie 30 second teaser during Thursday night’s Video Game Awards, FromSoftware quickly drummed up fan …

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A Royal Bummer

review 2D00 610 - A Royal Bummer

A Royal Bummer Monarchs get all the glory in the history books. They lived lavish lives of luxury, and their daily whims could reshape nations. Like its predecessor, Reigns: Her Majesty examines the lives of medieval rulers, and explores how their impulses allow nations to flourish or bring them to …

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WWE 2K18 for Switch Review

wwe2k18 1280 1512779525388 1280w - WWE 2K18 for Switch Review

WWE 2K18 for Switch Review Share. The WWE series hits rock bottom with this nearly unplayable Switch port. By Mitchell Saltzman In my review of WWE 2K18 on the other platforms, I had a mostly positive experience with the still-solid wrestling gameplay but criticized it for not addressing the modes …

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Nine Parchments Review

nineparchments 1280 1512758098285 1280w - Nine Parchments Review

Nine Parchments Review Share. An enchanted top-down co-op shooter from the creators of Trine. By Filip Miucin With a beautiful art style and dynamic twin-stick combat, Nine Parchments is a dungeon crawler that shines best in a co-op group of up to four players. However, with such a shallow pool …

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Tower 57

3548b2afab3184e216ec07dabb6a1069 98 - Tower 57

Tower 57 Even with the issues that arise from massive gaps between checkpoints and a few niggles here and there, Tower 57 is still a blast, accomplishing its goal of reminding us why these types of games from the Amiga era ended up being classics. The humor that comes from …

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