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Football Drama

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Football Drama Football Drama is an easy game to turn on and get stuck right in. with the game being available on mobile, this makes it even easier to have a turn while on the go. The season can be over in a handful of hours but, there is always …

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Contra: Rogue Corps Review

contra blogroll1 1569278775571 - Contra: Rogue Corps Review

Contra: Rogue Corps Review Playing Contra: Rogue Corps made me sad. It is absolutely not what I, as a lifelong fan of the series, expect out of a new Contra game in 2019. For one thing, it’s not good. For another, it feels like outside of tough difficulty and over-the-top …

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Crying Suns

b191299b1fd4465051631eb02100e931 98 - Crying Suns

Crying Suns As much of an art project as a game, Crying Suns is a winner in the overall experience. As a captain of a space battleship trying to reconnectAs much of an art project as a game, Crying Suns is a winner in the overall experience. As a captain …

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Code Vein Review

code vein thumbnail blogroll 1569451997700 - Code Vein Review

Code Vein Review If you’ve seen a trailer or any preview footage for Code Vein , the elevator pitch is clear: It’s an “anime Soulslike” – an action-RPG that promises the steep challenge and cautious combat that we’ve all become very acquainted with in recent years. Code Vein doesn’t simply …

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5041ac74eb0e27f43556ea1997f5edc5 98 - Overland

Overland Unlike a lot of the recent tactical games, Overland is a game of an unknown information. There are no clues over where the enemies would go. You won’t know what this new item is doing or what you would encounter on a new map. If I’d say which games …

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eFootball PES 2020 Review

pes thumb 1569508673660 - eFootball PES 2020 Review

eFootball PES 2020 Review If patterns hold true, EA’s FIFA 20 will no doubt sell enough physical copies to reach to the Moon and back – but when it comes to on-pitch action, there’s only one soccer game this season that truly shoots for the stars. eFootball PES 2020 – …

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