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Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue

a7c669b3a5c21825867c6c255804a087 98 - Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue

Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue The Intrigue expansion breathes a lot of new life into Galactic Civilizations III with new story elements, governments, and other minor additions. Some of the problems still exist, such as the very vicious mid/late game grind it often falls into, and while changes were made to …

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Middling Mechanized Mayhem

battletech610 - Middling Mechanized Mayhem

Middling Mechanized Mayhem   The beloved MechWarrior/BattleTech IPs return to the classic strategy space loaded with giant mechanized armors and the pilots who command them. As a longtime fan of the franchise, I was pleased to see plenty of customization options for my mechs big and small, true to form …

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Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Review

nintendolaborobot 1280 1524865251083 1280w - Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Review

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Review Share. This kit has some high-tech cardware, but the game that comes with it lacks depth. By Filip Miucin It’s hard not to balk at the $80 price tag on a package that contains mostly cardboard, but the bigger and more elaborate Robot Kit is …

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For the King

c085c5813424f9481a49aba5d6e65095 98 - For the King

For the King If you aren’t a fan of rogue-likes or your not a fan of turn-based combat I still urge you to give For the King a shot. I avidly loath just about every turn-based game I’ve ever played (yes, even Civ games – go ahead and hate), and …

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Bullet Witch

1b06ab02b397b8c7bf5295934dcdb4b6 98 - Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch Bullet Witch is a like B-grade movie; it’s far from perfect due to its modest production values but that’s why you love it anyway. Who can I recommend the game as out of place and time than this to? At least not to tech-heads who find even 4K …

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Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review

nintendolabovariety blogroll 1524697788540 1280w - Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review Share. A unique mixture of both the digital and physical worlds of play. By Filip Miucin Nintendo’s new line of cardboard “build, play, and discover experiences” is aimed at “those who are young and young at heart.” The $70 Labo Variety Kit definitely fulfills the …

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