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LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds

3bd92620ed3dfa34e304ddd692d8964e 98 - LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds

LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds I found Legrand Legacy an exceedingly tough game to score. Although it clearly has its flaws, I enjoyed the roughly 40 hours I spent with it all the same. The small but immensely talented development team may simply have tried to do just a …

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Exploring Every Old Nook And Cranny

review 2D00 610 - Exploring Every Old Nook And Cranny

Exploring Every Old Nook And Cranny The touch-screen interface on mobile devices poses a unique design challenge to game makers: How do you make a compelling interactive experience with only one input? Some mobile games get around this problem by awkwardly emulating a controller layout on the screen, while others …

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Misplaced Nostalgia

Misplaced Nostalgia As RPGs evolve and adopt more modern complexity, it’s refreshing to revisit the classics mechanics that helped make the genre what it is. Like I Am Setsuna (the previous title from developer Tokyo RPG Factory), Lost Sphear tries to capture the 16-bit era, paying homage to classics like …

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Lost Sphear Review

lostsphear blogroll 1516669221449 1280w - Lost Sphear Review

Lost Sphear Review Share. This RPG is so cluttered with homages to classics that it fails to create an identity of its own. By Jeremy Parish Creating an old-fashioned role-playing game that reminds fans of the classics they loved as kids seems like it would be a simple matter. You’d …

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A Dull Stroll Through The Sanatorium

A Dull Stroll Through The Sanatorium By poking fun at slasher films and providing a captivating interactive horror experience, 2016’s Until Dawn was a pleasant surprise. Developer Supermassive Games’ successful storytelling made me hopeful for Until Dawn’s VR prequel, The Inpatient, but I struggled to keep interest due to mediocre …

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

dragonballfighterz blogroll 1516597194111 1280w - Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Share. The pairing of DBZ and Arc System Works turns is a match made in fighting game heaven. By Mitchell Saltzman Who’d have thought: matching one of the most iconic action anime of all time with one of the best fighting game developers in the business …

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