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At Least It’s Short

At Least It’s Short I appreciate short games built to execute specific, modest concepts. The world of indie games is filled with these kinds of focused experiences, and Gorogoa can certainly be described in this way. However, I simply did not connect with its vision; the narrative is too ambiguous …

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Fallout 4 VR

ccd392e2624452538856dfd4c4d6ec1c 98 - Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR As of writing, I’ve spent 13 hours in Fallout4 VR over the last 3 days. Not a flawless release, but I’d rather have it now with Bethesda working on some of the issues. At release, it had a blurry graphics bug, which I was able to workaround …

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Okami HD

4840cbe31219f39af4ce81a303277449 98 - Okami HD

Okami HD Okami was a high point of the PS2 era, fusing its action to an incredible art style that was years ahead of its time. It takes a bit to get moving from the opening section, but every new area is packed with things to do with little wasted …

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A Damn Dirty Disappointment

planetapes1212 2D00 610 - A Damn Dirty Disappointment

A Damn Dirty Disappointment This year marked the end of the rebooted Planet of the Apes film trilogy, but fans don’t have to say goodbye quite yet. Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier offers an all-new story set between the second and third films, which shows another example of the …

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Bridge Constructor Portal

0b37216afea7b3dcfe287fc477e1f561 98 - Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal I can wholeheartedly recommend Bridge Constructor Portal as a rich, challenging puzzler with plenty of brain-twisters in store across its 60 levels. The pacing and methodical iteration it encourages meant it only ever taxed my mind, not my nerves. As a Portal fan’s nostalgia piece, it’s really …

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Finding Paradise

1df01205c29b18d98eba54a2e30ad799 98 - Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise After 6 long years of wait since the launch of To the moon we finally get our hands on the next interaction of the story. My biggest worry with this game, given how amazing the previous one is as an experience, that it would fell on the shadow …

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