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Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 Review Share. Madden NFL 19 builds a new foundation for the football franchise. By Dustin Toms Madden NFL 19 keeps its focus where it belongs: its moment-to-moment gameplay. This year’s entry comes with the promise of improved player motion, a more intimate franchise experience, and the return …

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Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers Several times over the last week or so, I’ve considered whether to sit down with Nier, Horizon, Torment, or Gravity Rush 2. It’s a tough decision. They’re worlds you fall into. Each of them is the sort of game you play for several hours at a time. You …

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A Brutal End To A Long Journey

A Brutal End To A Long Journey Since the first Banner Saga’s release in 2014, developer Stoic has strived to create an epic adventure set in a snowy world inspired by Viking mythology. In the first two games, a dark storm impressing itself upon the world forces a group of …

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Chasm Review

Chasm Review Share. Chasm is a lovely and fun Metroidvania with a lot of cool new ideas, even if its randomized maps are uninteresting. By Tom Marks What if you could play Castlevania over and over and never stop being surprised? That’s what Chasm tries to deliver: a full Metroidvania …

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Chasm While Chasm is an indie Metroidvania title using procedural generation, this isn’t another roguelike. Instead, Chasm generates a new map with every campaign for re-playable variety. During the campaign the map stays put, promoting exploration and memorization. Chasm is all about getting around: finding new abilities to open a …

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Lagging Behind Greatness

Lagging Behind Greatness A decade ago, Metroid fans were starving for exploration-based action/platformers. These days, that drought is over. Many developers are taking cues from Nintendo’s sci-fi classic, and Bit Kid is one of them. This studio’s take on the formula features a young knight on a journey to rescue …

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