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Matterfall Review

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Matterfall Review Share. Short and sweet, but there’s not a lot to repeat. By Mitchell Saltzman For the first two hours, Matterfall’s exciting, fast-paced action, reflex-testing challenges and unique twists on 2D platforming put it up right up there with developer Housemarque’s best. Unfortunately, two hours is all it takes …

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Agents of Mayhem Review

agentsofmayhem 1280 1502760169349 1280w - Agents of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem Review Share. Shoot, swap, repeat. By Jon Ryan My time with Agents of Mayhem is best summed up by an in-game quirk that still nags at me, even after 30 hours of playtime: When calling in your smart-talking AI-controlled supercar, you can stand in a designated zone …

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Undertale Review

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Undertale Review Share. Undertale’s clever understanding of the RPG mindset and fantastic writing make it an unforgettable experience unique to games. By Kallie Plagge Some spoilers for Undertale follow. I finished my first playthrough of Undertale in stunned silence. My journey had begun with dumb puns and silly puzzles, but …

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LawBreakers Review

lawbreakers 1280 1502389260852 1280w - LawBreakers Review

LawBreakers Review Share. I believe I can fly… By Tom Marks There’s an art to riding that terrifying line between falling and flying, but the falling is inevitable. LawBreakers’ fast-paced gun duels play out like thrilling highwire dances: You try to stay afloat and in control long enough to win …

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

unchartedlostlegacy 1280 1502926117386 1280w - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review Share. This standalone adventure succeeds on the strength of its characters and writing. By Marty Sliva No one should play Uncharted: The Lost Legacy without first playing the rest of Naughty Dog’s epic adventure series. A side effect of that, however, is that no one …

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StarCraft Remastered Review

starcraft 1280 1503104841185 1280w - StarCraft Remastered Review

StarCraft Remastered Review Share. All jacked up and good to go. By TJ Hafer Imagine that you could actually buy a working pair of those fabled rose-colored glasses people are always talking about. Booting up StarCraft Remastered isn’t too far off from living that nostalgia fantasy. It takes an all-time …

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