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Solid Survival Shooting

h1z1rev610 - Solid Survival Shooting

Solid Survival Shooting The concept of H1Z1 is simple: Hit the ground running, grab a backpack and whatever weapon is handy, and head to the safe zone while blowing away 149 opponents. Anything can happen during a match, including stealthy shootouts from behind crates, getting shot in the back while …

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e1d650ed0dc9fd9a3f8682a18095d04e 98 - SYMMETRY

SYMMETRY SYMMETRY takes masterful atmosphere aided by great art and sound, and plugs it all into overly simple yet unfairly difficult gameplay strung around a story that starts in an interesting manner but goes nowhere meaningful. There is a whole lot of potential on display here that gets left out …

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Weathering Life And Loss

LiSfinalereview610 - Weathering Life And Loss

Weathering Life And Loss The first Life is Strange made its mark for showcasing the hardships of life and the parts about us we often hide from the world. The developers’ courage to pursue topics like grief and depression authentically is what made the series so special. Before the Storm …

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H1Z1 Review – A Battle Royale In Search of Identity

h1z1 blogroll 1520641787561 1280w - H1Z1 Review - A Battle Royale In Search of Identity

H1Z1 Review – A Battle Royale In Search of Identity Share. This battle royale does just enough to set itself apart from the crowd. By David Jagneaux In between the very start of an H1Z1 match – in which up to 150 people parachute down onto a small and continually …

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Battlezone: Combat Commander

89eac4fe461756722afd088bbd4fd41f 98 - Battlezone: Combat Commander

Battlezone: Combat Commander The story is interesting and giving the FPS nature of Battlezone: Combat Commander, it feels much more ‘personal’ given the unique hybrid aspect of the game. The strategy elements and the FPS parts do not stack up to modern conventions, but are sufficient enough to work. The …

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War And Laughter

PP610 - War And Laughter

War And Laughter Let it never be said that indie developer The Behemoth hasn’t carved out its own unique identity thanks to the studios blend of stylish art and offbeat humor. Following on the heels of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater, Pit People channels the exaggerated art style of its …

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