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Star Fox 2 Review

starfox2 1280 1506472006616 1280w - Star Fox 2 Review

Star Fox 2 Review Share. A fantastic miss for Fox. By Sam Claiborn I was mesmerized by the pastel polygons of Star Fox 2. While abstract ships swirled in a stop-motion dance in front of me, I kept thinking this was one of the most beautiful games I’ve played all …

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Hob Review

hob 1280 1506639872251 1280w - Hob Review

Hob Review Share. A gorgeous if somewhat aimless puzzler in a fascinating world. By Leif Johnson Hob reminds me of why we should never let the cruelty of the world prevent us from appreciating its beauty. It illustrates this lesson forcefully just moments in, when the androgynous hero suffers an …

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iPhone 8 Review

iphone8 1280 1506729251886 1280w - iPhone 8 Review

iPhone 8 Review Share. A great, fast phone, but without the shiny newness that made the early models feel special. By Dan Stapleton If it appears as though Apple is no longer trying to surprise and excite us with its annual iPhone revisions… it’s because it’s not. Now that the …

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Forza Motorsport 7 Review

forza 7 rip 1280 1506728514605 1280w - Forza Motorsport 7 Review

Forza Motorsport 7 Review Share. Turn 10’s latest love letter to speed and style is a typically brilliant racer. By Luke Reilly The core Forza Motorsport 7 experience is one that hasn’t deviated much from the time-tested loop established by racing genre kingpin Gran Turismo back in 1997, but developer …

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Cuphead Review

cuphead 1280 1506960426799 1280w - Cuphead Review

Cuphead Review By Joe Skrebels You know how a joke can start funny, get annoying, then become funny again through sheer attrition? That’s Cuphead’s approach to enjoyment. With a beautiful, caustic, near-unceasing stream of boss battles, Studio MDHR’s debut made me scream with joy and horror by turn, but I …

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Golf Story Review

golfstory 1280 1507051206954 1280w - Golf Story Review

Golf Story Review Share. An adorable RPG disguised as a surprisingly fun 2D golf game. By Tom Marks Despite getting eight under par on one of the world’s hardest courses, I suck at golf. At least, that’s what the comedically mean NPCs in Golf Story keep telling me. This adorable …

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