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Overgrowth Review

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Overgrowth Review Share. This fighter loses its battle due to a lack of consistency. By Leif Johnson “Animals don’t behave like men,” said Richard Adams in his rabbit-hero saga Watership Down. “They don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and …

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Fire Emblem Warriors Review

fefateskidspng c74bf1 1280w - Fire Emblem Warriors Review

Fire Emblem Warriors Review Share. Come for the enjoyable button mashing, stay for the strategy. By Meghan Sullivan When I first heard about Fire Emblem Warriors, I was afraid it would be nothing more than the skins of my favorite Fire Emblem heroes lazily pasted onto a Dynasty Warriors template. …

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review

lifeisstrangebefore blogroll 1504660692247 1280w - Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review Share. Get to know Chloe the Unfriended. Chloe the Electric Sheep. Captain Chloe Bluebeard, Scourge of Arcadia Bay. The Chloe Who Wasn’t There (Or Was She?) By Hope Corrigan Things got a little weird for Chloe Price the day she reunited with her …

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Gran Turismo Sport Review

gt sport 1280 1 1508463587602 1280w - Gran Turismo Sport Review

Gran Turismo Sport Review Share. Stripped down, rebuilt. By Luke Reilly Gran Turismo Sport is a very well-crafted online racing destination. It’s serious, sensible, structured, and – unlike Sony’s previous first-party racing game, DriveClub – it’s been reliable since launch. It’s also supremely good-looking, well-presented, and handles great. However, the …

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ELEX Review

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ELEX Review Share. Great story and worldbuilding stuck in the ruins of a technical disaster. By TJ Hafer If you’ve ever been on a date with someone who seems very interesting and pleasant, but suddenly goes on tirades about lizard people or how the Illuminati faked the moon landing, you …

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