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Danger Zone 2 Review

dangerzone2 1280 1531517788192 1280w - Danger Zone 2 Review

Danger Zone 2 Review By Ryan McCaffrey The highway to the Danger Zone is, in fact, an actual highway this time. Danger Zone 2 is, in everything but name, a direct successor to the beloved Crash mode in Burnout Revenge, in the very best of ways. This colorful game of …

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Nintendo recuts a semiprecious stone

image 3 - Nintendo recuts a semiprecious stone

Nintendo recuts a semiprecious stone The software lineup for the Switch’s second year doesn’t measure up to its blockbuster opening year. Fortunately, Nintendo still has a volume of critical hits that launched on the underperforming Wii U to help pad out a thin release calendar. Titles like Mario Kart 8 …

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The Culling 2 Review

theculling2 1280 1531521573567 1280w - The Culling 2 Review

The Culling 2 Review Share. This game is a royale mess. By Steven Petite It took three matches filled with endless running, picking up guns I wouldn’t end up shooting, and a whole lot of silence before I saw another living soul in The Culling 2. When I finally locked …

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The Dullest Invasion

EF3 - The Dullest Invasion

The Dullest Invasion You cut through the maze of white picket fences, with a shotgun and only a couple of shells in hand. In the distance, you can hear them chittering. The three friends with you are growing nervous. “Need some health,” one of them says. Suddenly that dreaded alarm …

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Realm Royale Early Access Review

realmroyale blogroll 1531353393336 1280w - Realm Royale Early Access Review

Realm Royale Early Access Review Share. Adding defined class roles shakes up the battle royale formula in interesting ways. By David Jagneaux Within the confines of the battle royale genre’s defining rules, in which up to 100 players rush to find the best gear and fight to be the last …

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Big Sigh Country

farcry50326 2D00 610c 0 - Big Sigh Country

Big Sigh Country After targeting tin-pot dictators and megalomaniacs across the globe, Far Cry 5 sets its sights closer to home. This entry moves the open-world mayhem to Hope County, Montana – a beautiful base of operations for outdoorspeople, rugged individualists, and a murderous death cult. It’s also a playground …

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