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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

dragon quest builders 2 review blogroll 1562855640386 160w - Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review I certainly wasn’t expecting to love a Minecraft-style block-building game based on a decades-old JRPG franchise as much as I did Dragon Quest Builders 2 . Even though the combat is a bit weak and the controls can be frustrating at times, it manages to …

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Blazing Chrome

a8825a888133c8e2b56653c7034b6212 98 - Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome Beating Blazing Chrome is a badge of honor, the latest test of skill tossed onto a pile of old cartridges. You can spend hours and hours grinding out this handful of stages, experiencing both intense frustration and the rush of victory. In a world where there are so …

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My Friend Pedro Review – Stumbling Over Corpses

1562826109 pedro2 - My Friend Pedro Review  – Stumbling Over Corpses

My Friend Pedro Review – Stumbling Over Corpses My Friend Pedro is a game about finding a particular moment. Usually, you’re upside down and falling in slow motion, watching as the bullets from your pistol ricochet off the broad side of a frying pan and zoom toward a foe’s skull. …

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

e0fbc916f4da538a0d82583018deff54 98 - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Played this expansion’s story from start to finish. One of if not the best story I have played in my 14yrs of playing mmos. So many plot twist, raw emotions, and just masterful writing in part of the story writers. Tons of voiced cut scenes. You …

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SolSeraph Review – A False Idol

solseraphtop - SolSeraph Review – A False Idol

SolSeraph Review – A False Idol In SolSeraph, you are a god. You build cities from nothing, command the elements, and fight off invaders. When the time comes to strike at an evil lair directly, you inhabit a corporeal champion who jumps and slashes through monsters until the threat is …

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SolSeraph Review

solseraph blogroll 1562628115106 1280w - SolSeraph Review

SolSeraph Review Share. An authentic ode to ActRaiser undercut by unbalanced action levels and shallow strategy gameplay. By Steven Petite Every game has its influences, but SolSeraph might as well have the subtitle: Tribute to ActRaiser. Everything from the god-saving-humanity story to the hybrid action/city-building gameplay mirrors the 1990 Super …

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