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9031e87b866ecea7a1b2f35cd5488263 98 - DUSK

DUSK The first person shooter has evolved massively over the laster 25 years. We’ve gone from simple key hunting and monster bashing to Hollywood set pieces and storylines. Dusk is a reminder of a more simple time in FPS history. Dusk is a retro, 90’s style FPS game which captures …

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Insurgency: Sandstorm Review – What's Old Is New Again

insurgency sandstorm 1500 - Insurgency: Sandstorm Review – What's Old Is New Again

Insurgency: Sandstorm Review – What's Old Is New Again With our reinforcements depleted and the enemy firmly entrenched in its defensive positions, the outcome of this battle looks bleak. Rather than desperately charging headlong into the fire zone like lambs to the slaughter, before we respawn our commander urges the squad …

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Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island Review

forza fortune island 1280 1545365509786 1280w - Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island Review

Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island Review Share. Wheels of fortune. By Luke Reilly Forza Horizon 4’s first expansion may lack the unbridled madness of the previous game’s Hot Wheels expansion, and it’s not as immediately divergent as Blizzard Mountain was (which brought winter conditions and snow for the first time), …

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3d330950ee49502a5f50e870e2ad9303 98 - Ashen

AshenAshen is a 3rd person, action RPG about forging relationships. You are a lone wanderer in a sunless land. The only light to be had sputters from an age-old lantern at your side. There is a rumble in the distance, and then a light. Through leaking eyes you make out …

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Stellaris: MegaCorp

98w game - Stellaris: MegaCorp

Stellaris: MegaCorpStellaris: MegaCorp is the latest full expansion for Paradox Development Studio?s iconic sci-fi grand strategy game, which has players ushering in an era of prosperity and profit on a galactic scale. In this economy-focused expansion, players can become the CEO of a powerful corporate empire to expand operations across …

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Below Review

below blogroll 1545261789278 1280w - Below Review

Below Review Share. Hungry for a less hectic pace. By TJ Hafer I love the feeling I get when exploring a new level of Below’s gloomy, foreboding dungeon for the first time. From the enemies to the environment art to the sound design, everything falls into place perfectly to create …

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