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Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

bubsy 1280 1509752639251 1280w - Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review Share. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. By Heidi Kemps Out of all the various platformer mascots that could have been picked for a modern revival, Bubsy couldn’t have been high on most people’s lists. After all, the 1993 original was mostly …

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Necessary Roughness, Unnecessary Shallowness

MFLRev610 - Necessary Roughness, Unnecessary Shallowness

Necessary Roughness, Unnecessary Shallowness Arcade sports titles were a dime a dozen back in the ‘90s. Classics like NFL Blitz, Base Wars, and the Mutant League games took a lighthearted approach to athletic competition, using comic book violence and humorous hijinks to keep players coming back. Over time, more realistic …

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Rallying The Shooter On Multiple Fronts

888999 2D00 610 - Rallying The Shooter On Multiple Fronts

Rallying The Shooter On Multiple Fronts Every year, Call of Duty presents a multifaceted package catering to every possible playstyle. That wealth of content continues wit Call of Duty: WWII, which features a historically-focused campaign, a zombie mode designed to puzzle and scare, and classic multiplayer combat rooted in class-based …

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Rising Tension

Harley 610 - Rising Tension

Rising Tension The first episode of Telltale’s new season of Batman left a lot to be desired, since it failed to build upon what made the first season so interesting: unexpected twists to characters fans have adored for decades. While the first season gave us a charming, absolutely mad dandy …

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Super Lucky's Tale Review

superluckystale 1280 1509647872175 1280w - Super Lucky's Tale Review

Super Lucky's Tale Review By Ryan McCaffrey If there are two things a 3D platformer cannot have, it’s a crappy camera and sluggish controls. Super Lucky’s Tale has – guess what? – a crappy camera and sluggish controls. Those problems and the general sense that you’re playing a generic Mario …

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A High-Grade Mashup

1509692290 Crossbone610 - A High-Grade Mashup

A High-Grade Mashup Gundam Versus is a fairly insular licensed game, but its thrills are universal. Though it drops players into the thick of Gundam’s myriad anime series without much of an introduction, the arcade-style controls and speed of matches makes it easy to pick a mobile suit (a catch-all …

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