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Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans!

I remember buying this game on release back in 2005 and really enjoying it! and honestly, I had a blast playing through it again! however, it would be stupid of me to ignore its faults..

first off the audio drove me crazy, I loved the fact the original voice actors reprised their roles as Richard Steven Horvitz and J. Grant Albrecht are pretty irreplaceable but the scratchiness of the overly compressed audio sounds pretty bad but it’s not awful.

the second thing that was kind of annoying was the overly long loading times, I do feel they could have worked on that and improved it but it did kill the pacing a lot of the time and I’m surprised that wasn’t one of the improvements they made.. like REALLY surprised.

I also think 25 pounds was a little steep for a 10 hour 15-year-old game with a new lick of paint.. that price range is getting into witcher 3 territory.. I really think for that price they should have remade 1 and 2 and sold it as a bundle, a bit like what they did for Spyro which also came out at the same price point. tbh the price is actually my biggest complaint I think value for money is important these days and I can see this game going in the sales at like 5.99 in the not so distant future (which I wish I would have waited for and then I would have given it an 8 or even an 9) I respect and understand they remade a lot of the cutscenes and might say that to justify the price but still.. it really all comes down to a new coat of paint.

However, in saying all this I still gave it a 7 (would of been a 7.5 if this site allowed it) which is a good score and I think a fair one! If like me you bought this game as a kid and loved it then you will love it all over again I must emphasise despite my criticisms I still loved and had a blast during my 12 hours of playing and don’t regret getting it! it’s a short funny blast from the past, it was a cult classic for a reason and even though I don’t see myself replaying it for a few months it will naturally be a game I go back to and replay for the nostalgia.

If you haven’t played destroy all humans before it’s a funny game where you play as an alien causing mayhem and I don’t need to say more than that because by that description you are rather totally convinced or know it isn’t for you.

again, I loved it and if it hadn’t of been for the long load times and scratchy voice audio and came in at a slightly lower price point I would of given it an 8.5 but for now it’s a blast to play and a real love letter to the fans so for them I urge to buy. If you are new and are on the fence maybe wait for a sale.

i’m STILL in hope that the series will actually be rebooted/revived and get a brand new modern entry as I think ultimately that’s what it needs and I would think it would do well :)

I don’t like or enjoy writing critical reviews but I believe the score and what I’ve said is as fair as I can as a fan without being biassed and ignoring its flaws and price point. But I will say if you are a big fan like me then definitely get it ! 😀

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