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Diary of a Lapse Gym Rat – Week 2

Week Two – The transcendent power of training

This week I trained 4 times, and it felt great. It took me a week to recover from my horrific tricep pain from last week, but after swimming in anti-inflammatory gel, the swelling died down.

This week’s Lesson from the iron:

Always train, no matter what is going down in your life.

For my day job I work in the finance industry, and this week saw me lose a huge deal. I had already hung my hat on it and was very confident in it going through. For terrible reasons out of my control, it all came crumbling down. I felt that hot, sweaty pervasive fear and anger pour through my body. I wanted to slump in the corner and eat pizza, training was the last thing I wanted to do. However, if I gave up on training in week two, I could see that I was going to quit in week three and four as well.

There will always be a problem that will seem big enough to get you to stop training, the trick when you face these is to ignore them and go train anyway. In these situations, training is not just a welcome distraction from your stress, it is almost a solution to the problem. After training my mind was clearer, my body felt good, I was no longer shaking from stress and irritation. The result was that I mustered up all my power to get back to work and try to solve the problem. Alas, this is finance so problems take a while to solve, but it is looking positive so far.

In short, never stop training, it will help you go through whatever you are going through. You transcend your problem, gain perspective and you are gifted a clear mind and body to attack the solution. When in doubt, go and lifts some heavy stuff.

Also, I didn’t fit in any conditioning this week, did a little mobility at home. Need to up the mobility and conditioning work.

This week I listened to the following song on repeat in the gym:

[embedded content]

My training


Back Squat Overhead Press
5 @ 40kg 7 @ 30kg
6 @ 60kg 5 @ 40kg
5 @ 70kg 5 @ 40g
5 @ 70kg (little shaky) Feeling too destroyed to do more


DB Bench Press Lat Pulldown Close Grip Bench
10 @ 12kg 8 @ 35kg 10 @ 20kg
10 @ 18kg 8 @ 35kg 10 @ 20kg
10 @ 18kg 8 @ 35kg 10 @ 20kg
10 @ 18kg   Way too easy, need heavier


Bent Over Row Pullups Dumbbell Row
12 @ 40kg 5 Bodyweight 10 @ 24kg
9 @ 50kg 5 Bodyweight 10 @ 24kg
10 @ 50kg (struggle) 5 Bodyweight 10 @ 24kg


Deadlifts Chin ups Hammer Curls
5 @ 60kg then 80kg warmup 5 bodyweight 12 @ 9kg
3 @ 100kg 5 bodyweight 12 @ 9kg
3 @ 100kg 5 bodyweight 12 @ 9kg
5 @ 100kg 5 bodyweight  

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