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“Entrepreneurs Should Exercise” – Science

“Entrepreneurs Should Exercise” – Science

As an entrepreneur, your main focus is your business. You are creating something amazing, and you are doing it with all your passion. That is fantastic, and just like any good entrepreneur you are surely keeping your mind educated and healthy.

However, one area that could be overlooked as you sit at your desk for 18 hours per day is your body. We all know you should be exercising, but how will it impact your business? Perhaps you understand that you should be exercising, but you can’t seem to carve out the time for it.

This is a mental thing. If you fully realize the potential benefits of training, that one hour per day can suddenly seem worth your while.

Let’s take 4 key areas that entrepreneurs all want to improve in, and look at studies to see if exercise can help you.

More Energy, better sleep

Throughout the day, your energy levels can be vital for the long term success of your business. To consistently work at your top level is difficult. Instead of just abusing caffeine throughout the day, adding exercise to your daily routine can help immensely.

This here shows that lower intensity exercise can help build resistance to fatigue. Think about all the moments in the day where your energy dips? Or do you find it hard to wake up early and start the grind? Exercise can definitely give your business that little push with higher energy levels.

Related to this point is the quality or ease of your sleep. Many times you will have issues, problems, bugs or plans spinning in your head as you lay in bed. This study here shows that the quality of your sleep can be increased dramatically. This means, deeper, faster and more refreshing sleep.

Your mental sharpness can determine success or failure in your business. Get your energy levels in order!

Concentration and overall cognitive function

Certain daily decisions that have to be made are unique to entrepreneurs. To be able to address these problems clearly and with the right attitude, your cognitive powers need to be in ship shape. You may have all the book smarts, but to execute something properly you need the correct mental conditions to do so. This interesting study shows that exercise can positively impact problem solving, and general “execute function”.

This is basically saying that your boss skills will level up when you exercise.

This study here gives us an indication that running and weightlifting can assist in goal setting, and goal reaching. These are obviously hugely important in the entrepreneur space.

Another huge benefit is with your memory. When you are juggling 50 things at the same time, having a good memory is a great aide. This study here shows (on rats) that physical activity helps to stimulate the hippocampus.

The list can go on and on, but to simply understand that the mental benefits of training are real, and can help your business no end. Let’s take a look at one more point just to drive the point home.

Stress and Aggression

It’s not a surprise or a secret that exercise helps you to deal with stress. Read this if for some reason you are unconvinced. Stress management is more than just a mental thing, it is a physical skill. Stress doesn’t just manifest itself just in the frayed ends of your sanity, it has physical effects.

In the short term these can include shortness of breath, headaches, etc, and in the long term a whole host of nasty disorders can arise from constant elevated stress levels. So exercising can give you the physical grounding you need to fight off the symptoms of stress. Being stress resistant is a huge factor in your success as an entrepreneur.

A final point is that of assertiveness and aggressiveness. Although you don’t want to be shouting at people constantly (unless you are a TV chef) your level of assertiveness can go a long way in business. There are hundreds of studies that show self worth, assertiveness and a stomach for risk can all increase with resistance training.

Last one.

You’ll live longer. So you can be around when your enormous company is taking the world by storm. Don’t be found in your office at 51 dead from a heart attack the day before you go public.

That’s it. No more links to studies

Yes, there are a million studies out there. However, all of this information is quite intuitively obvious. It isn’t something that you really should have to prove to yourself.

An investment is exactly how this should be approached. If you sacrifice one hour of your working day to train, the potential upsides are that the rest of your work day is much more productive. When you do the math, this quickly becomes an obvious investment.

Optimal performance for 10 hours per day Vs Sub Optimal performance for 11 hours. The calculation is easy.

The next step is to make sure you sort out your routine, and get training. The sooner your start, the quicker you will reap the rewards in your business.


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