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Over 25 years of FIFA and this is where we are.

You’d expect with the constant controversy surrounding EA that they would get better moving forward, the opposite is true. Ignore the high rated reviews claiming that its PES fanboys rating this 0, they’re delusional, both games are trash.

The list of bugs with this game is endless and I just can’t see them fixing it all, this game is so broken.

They promised before release that issues(mainly career mode) would be fixed this year(which is still on their website), yet here we are with it being worse than ever, surely that’s got to be false advertising, some people say “I don’t know why you’re surprised” but here’s the thing, the’ve not made such promises before a release like that. For FIFA 19 we all knew the career mode would remain almost untouched, that wasn’t the case in the build up for this release.

A transfer update was added on release day but was removed a short time later with no explanation, they claim to be operating with some transparency but you have to go out of your way to find an account of an EA employee on Twitter for any kind of vague update, their website and official social media accounts say nothing other than Ultimate Team related bs.

Another sign of how they operate, they want people to be pushed towards ultimate team, this seemed to be why you couldn’t play house rules against friends online with FIFA 19, now we have the same issue with Volta, no option to play online with friends.

The new penalty system makes no sense, it shouldn’t be easier to save a penalty than it is to score and the new system is completely useless when it comes to playing local matches, there’s no way you can accurately take them without the stupid target because of how sensitive it is but then your opponent will see where your shooting. They’ve had 25 years to come up with a good system but we are presented with this mess.

The AI is shambolic, that’s where there is no surprise, Legendary difficulty will randomly seem to disable their defenders and let you stroll through, switch it up to Ultimate and you can see a goal coming a mile off because they will start playing ping pong football with incredibly accurate one touch passing all the way from the back while your players out of your control appear to close their eyes and run away from the ball.

They’re just terrible at making games, it’s a crime that the likes of Red Dead and The Witcher cost the same amount as this trash, a game in development for many years vs one that seems to have been thrown together very quickly without testing.

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