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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Played this expansion’s story from start to finish.

One of if not the best story I have played in my 14yrs of playing mmos. So many plot twist, raw emotions, and just masterful writing in part of the story writers. Tons of voiced cut scenes. You even begin to question yourself if the main villains are actually bad and second guess if what you are doing is even right in the first place. This expansion ties the game into all the expansions before it filling in many of the small questions hinted in the dialog and cut scenes of A Ream Reborn, Heavensward, and Storm Blood.

The sound track for this expansion is stellar, with the exception of the open world battle music in my opinion had to turn that off in the settings. But everything else just fits so well. I found myself literally just listening to the field music in several of the zones and the final battle zone for 30+mins while I did stuff around the house the other day.

World design they take us to another shard, parallel universe, where the world developed completely differently. You can tell where you are in game but it is done where they really did not borrow any assets from the old Eorzea world. It is masterfully done. Some parts of the world even change as you progress through the story.

Negative parts of this expansion are somewhat hard to find, it is very polished but here are a few in my opinion.

You have to do everything else before it or pay to skip to this. So as a new player you have 50ish hours of work to get to this expansion, or drop money in the cashshop. (You will be sorta lost in the story if you do though.)

There are points where you need to level up outside progressing the story. While not bad with what the game give you it sucked to have to take a 1-2hr breaks right as you are getting into the story to continue it. This is standard for a mmo though.

The server issues on certain worlds, while no where near as bad ARR,HW, and Stormblood. Disconnects and ques are up drastically. To note this is common in any major mmo and always resolves itself as the expansion launch gets farther away. This basically means a lot of ppl are playing.

Extremely long ques for tanks and dps classes due to shortage of healers. Without the launch of a new healer job this expansion there is an extreme imbalance of jobs in the instance que system. You can expect up to 30min waits as tank and dps. Healers insta get into groups for literally everything.

Overall this is one of the single best expansions ever released in any mmo period. I highly suggest purchasing it even if only to play through the story it is that good.

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