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Free Download Click Bank University 2.0

 ClickBank University 2.0 Free Download

What You can Like About Clickbank University

I like the fact that Clickbank has a vested interest in teaching you how to create and sell products through their venue, they want and need you to succeed. Their training platform is very good. Clickbank University offers free hosting and a website builder. They offer current traffic generating techniques relevant to selling your own product. CBU offers step by step training modules and the video quality was good.

What is not much impressive About Clickbank University

Obviously, I am not a fan of their price point for training provided and they do push a few upsells which sucks and can escalate the cost of training dramatically. CBU really focuses their training on product creation and promotion so if you join just to learn how to sell Clickbank products their cost for training I feel is overvalued. I found that CBU really understates what it takes to create and sell your own product online if you don’t have a background in affiliate marketing I feel you are potentially setting yourself up for a costly adventure into the online world of marketing.

The training is set at Clickbank University’s pace, not yours, they say it is for information retention purposes, your benefit, but at $97 plus upsells per month, I am not sold on that one.

Support is simply ok,  not the best I have experienced,  but I think you need to take some of the good with the bad in the case of Clickbank University, I mean, if you want to dive in headfirst and throw caution to the wind,  create and sell a digital product online, I feel CBU is a great training option for you.

Want to learn how to sell Clickbank products inexpensively?

So many things have changed. ClickBank University 2.0 delivers the latest up to date strategies, methods and tactics for you build your ClickBank business rapidly. Here are some things you can expect to see inside… The Brand New Fully-Upgraded ClickBank University 2.0 Features:




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