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Get Lean In 2016

Get Lean In 2016

We take a quick look at a few hacks that you can put into practice and literally change your life. Exercise doesn’t always have to be hard work, so let’s discover how you can do less to achieve more.

Do Less Exercise.

Sounds crazy right? When most people think of exercise, or getting lean they immediately dust off their jogging shoes, turn up the Rocky theme on their phone, and huff and puff their way to a 45 minute jog. This needs to stop. It ruins your knees and keeps the love handles right where they are! Instead of doing 45 mins of soul destroying jogging, do 15 mins of HIIT! What is that? I hear you ask. Well, let me show you:

  1. Get a stationary bike, a rowing machine, or a strip of road
  2. Cycle, row or sprint like you are being chased by a lion for 20 seconds
  3. Stop and rest for 40 seconds (The Lion is resting too)
  4. Do it again 8 times.
  5. Feel the fat fall off your body

This means you are doing 2 minutes 40 seconds of exercise. And you will burn more calories, build more muscle, and become generally more awesome. Eventually you should build up to doing 15 intervals. (20 seconds on 40 seconds off) x15. Do this 3 times per week.


Turn Off Your Brain.

Everybody hates counting calories. It is boring, and takes up valuable brain space you need for your world domination plans. So in this wonderful world we live in, there are countless ways to use the brain in your hand (phone) instead of the one in your head! Download MyFitnessPal. Seriously, just do it. It will be the best 20 second investment of your life. You can quickly scan barcodes, and punch in foods you are eating.

It only adds another 2 minutes onto your day, and you will be able to see how much you are eating. You can make sure you are actually getting what your body needs, and not pounding empty calories all day. Check here to see how much of what you should eat a day. It’s so simple. Give it 3 weeks and you’ll be much leaner, I promise.


Use Less Willpower.

This one seems simple, but it is potentially the most powerful hack you can employ. It is in two simple steps:
Use something to measure yourself with and log it. Use something to measure yourself with. Your brain is fuelled by improvement. If you are vague about your goals, or your direction, you will give up by January 20th. Once or twice a week use a measurement (something important to you) e.g. your waistline measurement, how many rounds of HIIT you can do, and measure it! Keep a log, and repeat. If you have nothing to work towards, and if you seem to be making no progress you are losing an uphill battle.

How many times have you used these reasons to escape training, or to eat something you shouldn’t: “I am tired”, “I deserve it”, “I can’t be bothered”, “It’s raining”. Hack your brain into loving the progress you are making. Eventually, you will only care about making more and more progress. And you will no longer require a constant battle of willpower. So keep a log of your progress, before you know it, you will be a lithe sexy animal.


Be Less Responsible.

Of course you are the captain of your own fate. But sometimes progress can come slowly when you are relying solely on yourself. Let’s illustrate. I bet that you have broken the speed limit once in your life (you criminal you), but I am sure that you didn’t do it when you knew the cops were watching. Or that time that you danced around the house in your underwear singing? There is a high chance that your prospective in-laws were not around to witness it. The point? Other people make us alter our behavior.

So use that to your advantage. Tell your wife/boyfriend/colleague/dog (human is preferable) your goals. Let’s call them your “accountability buddy” (to use a rehab term). Make sure they keep on your back. Having someone else to answer to gives you the psychological edge to push you to keep up your new habits. When you start to justify why you shouldn’t train today, you will hear the voice of your “accountability buddy” and the fear of letting them down. This is a more powerful force than the messy insides of your own brain.

So to Recap:

  • Do HIIT
  • Measure
  • Get MyFitnessPal.
  • Become Accountable

Now you are armed with these hacks. Go and hack your way to a delicious new physique.

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