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Group Test: X299 motherboards

Intel’s new chipset supports a fast CPU, but it’s a little undercooked right now…

Reviews in this Group Test

Intel’s response to AMD’s Ryzen 7 ten-core CPU came faster than anybody could have imagined. At this year’s Computex, the company announced the new Core-X series of processors, based on the Skylake-X and Kaby-Lake X architectures. Now, Intel had originally planned to release Skylake-X at the end of this year, or even early 2018, so rushing it forwards by six months means it likely hasn’t undergone the rigorous testing that Intel usually does, as we’ll discuss soon. However, it does mean that it has a range of new products that compete with the Ryzen processor, though purely on performance, not price. It’s a rather odd launch, with Skylake-X being a relatively major upgrade to Intel’s design, while Kaby-Lake X isn’t. 

We looked at the new CPUs yesterday – now let’s look at the motherboards that go with it.

How we tested

When testing the motherboards, we installed the overclocking software that came with each board, but as you’ll see the vast majority of these did not work, likely due to the issues with Turbo Boost Max 3.0. We’re sure speeds of 4.8GHz and above should be possible with manual overclocks. 

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