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Hello Neighbor

I’m just going to leave a quick unbiased review and move on to some other games. (Hello Neighbor) has a lot of potential and can be a pretty fun game when it works, again when it works. There are so many game breaking bugs that just taints the experience of what would have otherwise been a really good indie game.

(Example Of Some Bugs) These bugs can range from falling out of the map, broken/stuck A.I, textures not loading in and instead has the default Unreal Engine 4 grey checkerboard surface, some cutscenes don’t play correctly or freezes forcing you to restart, etc. The most bizarre bug was when the Neighbor Guy got caught up in some collision based objects and gets shot straight up in the air and out of the map, at this point I had the whole (ACT/Level) to myself without worrying about the Neighbor which made that playthrough really boring.

The game isn’t always about running from the neighbor, some acts mixes things up a bit and have you playing through some weird dream like sequences which were actually pretty cool visually. Also there is a story, however rather then telling a story through dialogue, its instead told through expressions/body language and even through visual symbolism. But as interesting of an idea this was, It could have been implemented a little better and even when you do start to get some sort of idea of what is happening in the story at the end of the day its just standard at best. That would have been fine however rather then being okay with a standard story, the game leaves me feeling empty inside and that I have wasted my time playing this game, this is all due to the unbelievably disappointing ending. It’s like you go to this old house, have a fever dream and then wake up and go back to moving your stuff in the house… that’s literally the ending, look it up if you don’t believe me.

So the story was a let down, but there are a few things this game gets right. The most noticeable positive thing about the game is it’s Eye Candy art style. Even when I read the negative reviews almost all of them had to admit that they liked the art style despite the other flaws of the game. Another thing the game does well is the gameplay, at the start of the review I said its a good game when it works, well when bugs are disrupting your playthrough the game is actually pretty fun. You have a decent sized map to work with when hiding from the neighbor and along side that there are quite a bit of interesting puzzles that get you thinking but are not at hard even for those who aren’t very good or even hate puzzles. A lot of the puzzles are based around the way you explore the environment and also physic based as well.

The main focus of the gameplay however is by dealing with the neighbor and it’s supposedly amazing A.I. Now i’m just going to say it as it is, the A.I. is kinda dumb and doesn’t always work the way its suppose to and I think overall the A.I. was the biggest let down. I wasn’t expecting a great story or anything, what originally got my interest was the concept of how the A.I. was going to be used in the game. The A.I. from my first playthrough got stuck/lost 3 times, when you have an A.I. thats not that great fiddling around with traps and other tactics your result is usually going to be disaster. Half of the time the methods he uses to stop me end up being used against him even when I have no part in it. The most common way he gets stuck is when he boards himself in a room that has no other way out and sometimes his A.I. path finding gets confused if you stay in certain areas.
When these things aren’t happening you can get some pretty fun and intense situations happening but they can be rare depending on your approaches of playing the game.

So to sum everything up, the game was over hyped and the developers were dishonest about how advance the game really was. (Hello Neighbor) Is not a bad game, its just a disappointing game. Hello Neighbor is sort of like No Man’s Sky, both are good games in their own ways but sadly both were rushed, both developers lied about the features of their games and were over hyped by the general public. If all the bugs were fixed I would give this game a (7/10) but due to how the game was published, its just left a bad taste in my mouth… this game gets a (5/10).

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