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How To Get A Bigger Bum

How To Get A Bigger Bum

Big butts are all the rage, and have been for a while just in case Kim Kardashian’s constant selfie production hadn’t alerted you. So for you the real world person, how can you get that great butt you’ve been chasing after? Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises you can use that stimulate the glutes.

The Squat

Now there are endless captioned internet pictures advocating the awesomeness of squats for the butt. This is for good reason! Squats are the probably the most effective full body movement that you can do in the gym. Your body is taxed extremely heavily and you trigger muscle growth and fat loss.

The main parts of the body that are worked during squats are the legs and butt. Putting this movement into practice into your routine is of very high importance. It will not only help your butt to grow, but it will make you stronger for all the other exercise movements you will be doing too.

If you have been training for a while and are getting quite strong on your squats, then there are some adjustments that can be made. If you find that your legs are out growing your butt, then changing your stance to a wider one may help. With your legs wider, the hamstrings and glutes are activated more that with a narrow stance.

However, if you are new to training, just get squatting! There are some variations below that you could try:

• Back Squat. The master of all squat movements. Put the bar on your back, and squat down low. Form tips here

• Goblet squat. Hold a dumbbell/kettlebell like a goblet, and squat down nice and low. Check your form here. 

• Front Squat. This time the barbell is on the front of your body. Form check here

Deadlifts & Back Extensions

Now let’s look at some movements that really focus on your “posterior chain”. This is the collection of muscles at the back of your body. Otherwise known as your hamstrings and ass! These are the muscles that we really want to be working to get our butts to grow appreciably. Let’s take a look at back extensions first.

These can be done either on a proper back extension machine, or otherwise you can do them on a Swiss ball. Check out this video on back extensions and the proper form to use. These can really strengthen the whole of your lower back, enabling you to deadlift and squat with better technique, and will strengthen your glutes also.

Deadlifts. In theory this is one of the simplest movements out there. Pick up the weight, and put it back down again. In reality it is a little more complicated than that. Here is a great video that shows you some of the main things people do wrong with a deadlift, and how you can fix that. Remember that there are variations on the deadlift also, if you are hoping to focus more on your hamstrings, then you can always do a Romanian style deadlift, video here.

Single Leg Training

So now that you have squats and deadlifts under your belt, you will want to have a look at doing some single leg work too. These movements can have a great impact on the glutes, hitting them in ways that normal squats and deadlifts wont.

There are many different types of single leg movements, but we will focus on two very important ones. Bulgarian Split Squats. These are a simple yet very painful movement, they will make your butt sore like you’ve never experienced before. Check out this video here for an explanation of how to do them..

Lunges. Everyone knows how to lunge, but if you want to be brave, pick up a pair of dumbbells and turn your lunge into a walk. Try this for a number of meters and repeat, your glutes will be hit very hard! Check out a video here.  It can be easy to neglect single leg training as it is can be quite painful, however, if you want that fully formed butt, they are a great tool to get you there quickly!

Hip Thrust

This is a movement that has only recently become popularized, but it is possibly the most powerful ass builder around. It may look strange, but sometimes the best exercises look weird. Believe us when we tell you that after a few weeks of doing these, you will see some real change in your butt shape and size! Check out this video here, it shows some differences between different types of hip thrusts and some detail on the form.

This movement will make your ass work more than any other movement you can try. This doesn’t mean that you should only do these, but they are extremely important in your journey to a bigger better butt.

How To Put It Together

So we have looked through some of the best butt builders out there, how can you add these to your routine to make that butt grow? It all depends on what your training schedule currently looks like. Let’s go over some examples of how you can add this in.

Intermediate Trainee

If you have been training for a while, and have a good routine that targets the whole body, you may want to think about upping the frequency of your glute training. These muscles are capable of withstanding some punishment, so throwing in some hip thrusts even three times per week is not too much.

Another option you may consider is setting aside a “glute day” to get some serious stimulation through them without having to hit the rest of your legs. This also can mean that when you are hitting your legs, stimulate your glutes first, then proceed with your leg workout. This will ensure that they are becoming fully fatigued, and most importantly will grow.

Beginner Trainee

If you are new to training, then you should know that it isn’t wise to just undergo a program that is unbalanced. You should be training your entire body, and there are many programs that you can choose from to get started. However, make sure that the movements stated above are given prized place in your workouts. Your legs are resilient and can be hit a couple of times a week and still be healthy! So let’s recap the exercises, and give some guidance on reps and sets!

The Workout


Back squats – try for around 5-8 reps on these with a heavier weight.

Front squats – again around 5-8 reps would be ideal here too

Goblet Squats – you can aim for 8 – 12 reps on these, and really focus on the technique.

Do 3-5 sets on all squat movements.

Deadlifts and Back extensions

Deadlifts – go for 3 – 5 reps

Back extensions – you can aim for higher reps of around 8-12, ensuring good technique.

3 – 5 sets is ideal here also.

Single Leg Movements

Split Squat – 8 – 12 reps are good here

Walking lunges – reps of around 15 – 20 will work here

3 – 6 sets can be used here

Hip thrusts

Start out with reps of around 5 -8 for 3 -5 sets. However, changing the number of reps and the weight can be very beneficial for getting your glutes to work their full range. So there you have it, a good list of exercises you need to make your butt bigger and sexier. Implemented properly, this will give you a head turning derriere in very little time.

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