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How to train when you are busy

How to train when you are busy

“I’d love to, but I’m just so busy. I have literally no time in the day!” – Almost everyone

Being busy is worn as a badge of honour these days. People are constantly talking about how “slammed” “up to the eyes” and “swamped” they are, and more often than not it is used as an excuse for something.

Being busy is an immutable part of life these days. Instead of letting this simple fact paralyze us let’s talk about ways around this. Here are 8 points to keep in mind the next time you are tempted to use “being busy” as an excuse.

How much TV do you watch?

This can go for any binge prone screen related activity. How long to you play games, scroll through Facebook or watch TV for? The chances are that this amounts to more than 45 minutes per day. The average person watches hours upon hours of TV per week, and countless hours on their phones aimlessly browsing Instagram. This is easy to spend your time doing, but it is eating into time that could be redirected more wisely.

So if you are tempted to go home and watch a few episodes of a Netflix show, plan to cut that out for a few weeks. See how much time it frees up, and get your ass to the gym!

Plan your week better

With many activities and responsibilities that can crowd out your entire day, it may seem extremely to think of when you have time to train, this is where planning comes into play. At the start of the week, schedule the big important tasks that you know you will need to get done. One of those big things you need to get done? Training.

If you have it as a priority from the onset of the week, the chances of you treating it like one will increase.

Make sure your training is short and sharp

Training doesn’t need to be a 2 hour extravaganza to be effective. Learning how to train in a short period of time and squeezing all the juice out of every minute is a great skill. Some of the most effective workouts can be done under time pressure. Things to consider when picking what your training will be,

1) Rest intervals (keep them low)

2) Exercise selection (Keep it to compound movements)

By being smart and intense, your workouts can be just as effective as if you were taking 1 hour to do them.


Exercise will give you more energy, and thus more time.

When people are busy, in essence, the complaint is that when they are done with their daily activities they are too destroyed to do anything. Mentally they may feel exhausted, and this leads to physical tiredness. If a person is not in the habit of regularly exercising they will be tired more easily. Exercising raises your energetic threshold, you will be tired less and be able to withstand much more during the day. Therefore, think of it as an investment in your time. Being alert for 1 hour is better than an hour spent being tired. This being the case spending time now on raising your energy levels (via exercise) will lead to more overall productive hours during the day.

Friends and family

Everyone has time that they spend with their friends or family. This is important time that can lead to a much happier life. Instead of making this time a trip to the bar, make it something physical. A sport or an exercise class are a great replacement that will allow you to relax and get some much-needed exercise.

Have a long term aim, be flexible but motivated

The goal of just “exercising” means that in your mind, the priority is not usually in the first place. Having a goal of some sort means that you will find time much easier. Working toward something tangible, e.g. Deadlifting 150kg, competing in a race or show, or looking kick ass for your upcoming beach holiday. These things will make finding excuses for not exercising much harder.
This doesn’t mean that you have to be a fanatic if you have children, a job, school, or any other responsibilities, things happen. What it means is that you are taking a long term view of your training instead of lurching from one random training session to the next.

Realise that training isn’t optional

It might seem too many people that training is a nice hobby that those with the luxury of time can fit in. This isn’t the case. For you to be a healthy person, movement is a critical component. These days, human beings aren’t running around chasing dinner with a spear so much, so we need to replace it. Making sure that moving is a part of your daily life is crucial if you want to have enough energy to play with your grandchildren or live to be healthy in your later years.

Wrapping Up

There are many tricks that you can employ to make sure that you are putting training in a prioritised place in your life. Fitting this habit into your life may possibly be one of the best decisions you can make.

No more excuses, we are all busy, get your ass to the gym.


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