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Left Alive

Left Alive

Have you ever truly enjoyed an excellent B movie? If your answer is yes then this game is right up your alley.

This is an icon of charm. Outdated graphics, hilarious animation, clunky controls, over the top dialogs — all the problems which Left Alive has, are overwhelmed by its bizarrely fascinating and naive beauty.

Some might say that this game is so bad is good and they are right to some extent but don’t forget that the main goal of any game is to be engaging and this one is definitely has everything to keep you interested and somewhat emersed.

In the current generation, there is nothing in between AAA titles and indie projects. Finally, this niche has been filled. Don’t be influenced by the overwhelmingly negative reviews, give yourself a chance to enjoy a B-list masterpiece. Left Alive as a hidden gem that might turn into a cult classic after a decade.

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