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Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 – Wastelands

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 – Wastelands

You know, when I started playing and got the first episode I was really disappointed, but at the same time I hoped, that developers would remember what a wonderful experience they managed to give me with the first game. I mean, what can a person tell about the whole story after playing only one episode, right? Let’s be positive about this! They have time, freedom and potential. Now, I’m 100% sure, that the first game was simply an accident. It seems that people, who created the first game didn’t quite understand what was actually good about that game.
Life is Strange 2 is tasteless. We find ourselves AGAIN god knows where. Who are these people around me? Why should I care about them?! Why should I care about their whining? Who are they to me? Why is it should be interesting? I want the story about brothers, not some random people I will totally forget about in 3,5 months! Do you know what accents are? I hope you do, because LiS had some STUNNING and BRILLIANT moments. Where did all of that go?!

Developers try to use “narration through the environment” and they think that just throwing dozens of useless items on the levels with commentaries is enough to dive into the story. Guess what, it’s not! The funny thing is that in the first game that thing worked extremely well because it was skillfully combined with…you know…THE PLOT! And it meant something there, we could find some extra information about people around us, especially in the second episode with Kate. Here, it’s just useless garbage that doesn’t bring anything to my understanding of the universe, characters or events. Nothing changes if you miss all this fluff.
Daniel tells us that Shawn spends too much time with his new friends, but the game DOESN’T SHOW IT TO ME! In the second episode, Daniel says how much fun they had with Mushroom and DOESN’T SHOW IT TO ME. It’s all somewhere there behind the curtain.

That weed cutting…Seriously, who thought that it would be a great idea? You just sit and press two freaking buttons one after another for 5-10 minutes straight! AND EVEN IF YOU MISS you don’t get any limits or penalty, IT JUST STARTS ALL OVER. Who decided to add this “extremely engaging and breathtaking gameplay” here? This scene could be easily replaced with a cutscene, but, apparently, developers noticed that gameplay in this 3-hour-long episode lasts like 30 minutes and desperately tried to add anything there. Anything at all. What a waste of resources and time, really.

Daniel and Shawn are NOT characters I can sympathize with. You know why? Because they are DUMB! And we could clearly see that in the first two episodes. Partly including the third one.

Okay, I understand that I’m not looking at English tea club members, but there is TOO much swearing here. Literally in a sentence that consists of 10 words 3 of them can be swearing. Are you ******* serious?

Even cool music and great camera angles that were present in previous games are gone! I mean, yeah, music is a subjective topic, I get it.

I could go on and on, really (I mean it). And maybe someday I’ll make a direct comparison of LiS and LiS2, just to be shocked how an interesting and mysterious adventure turned into a story about idiotic characters who are digging their own grave over and over and after that moan about this unfair world. I’m really disappointed I can’t return my money back. I wish only good luck to developers and hope that they understand that there is still a chance to make something better. All in all…what a WASTEland…

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