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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If you were fortunate to get a Nintendo GameCube when you were a kid, I believe most of us can confirm that Metroid prime was one of the best games we ever played. the game was filled with an interesting story, enemies, bosses, semi open-world zones, crazy platforms and levels, and the most satisfying thing of all, the puzzles. I believe the progression and the feeling of relief after completing a zone and reaching a save point was the best thing about traversing that game. Now imagine, Metroid prime with talon 4, Chozo ruins, Phazon mines, phendrana drift; imagine that game melting together with the force unleashed. that is what we have in star wars Jedi fallen order. after playing 11 hours on my second origin account, I can say that this game is the best game I have played in 2019. It is a game you can enjoy even if you have never been into star wars.

In terms of story, Jedi fallen order found a way to balance the use of large cinematics, short cutscenes, and camera panning. I believe that contributed the most to the way the story was told, cutscenes and cinematics weren’t too long to the point where you lose all the pumped-up adrenaline while waiting, the texts and dialogue did a great job in telling the story so you are not left wondering what is going on in the game. and when the moment calls for it, there are different sound cues and even words from the protagonist that serves as a clue to where you should go and what you should do.

In terms of gameplay, it borrows a lot from the puzzle styles of Metroid, the combat system of games such as blood born, and some RPG elements from the force unleashed and games such as mass effect. this is not a game that focusses too deep on narrative, instead, its main focus is on combat and it shows. either you’re looking at massive battles against tomb guardians in the earlier stages or certain enemies which I won’t name to avoid spoilers. regardless of the planet, you can see that the character is built to traverse this world and fight it. Unlike the force unleashed where you were literally like a god, here, you have mistakes and a level of progression and enemy design that ensures you don’t feel too powerful. you will have to time certain attacks, parry some, and with some attacks, you have to dodge them.

there are some enemy attacks in later levels that will just blow your mind once you get to Dathomir. there is lightsaber customization, a skill tree with leveling system similar to path of exile but smaller. so you can learn force abilities, light saber moves, or just unlock certain acrobatic moves.
If I would have to nitpick on the combat system, it will be the fact that certain attacks just finds a way to miss your targets at times.

the way the game is built, there are secrets upgrades and different items around the worlds, where you might need a specific ability to access a specific area, so replayability is there, there were times when I had to go back to some locations after unlocking a certain force ability.

In terms of cons, the game was not a stable 60fps, I did drop down to 55 or 50 at times. there were situations where I froze for like a mini second, but it wasn’t happening every time. the character designs were nice, but the facial expression and level of detail could use some work. unless you’re in a cutscene your character can be emotionless, and some of the supporting cast has the same issue. especially saw Guerrera.

the rest of the issues I have is dealing with Disney’s restrictions on what is and isn’t allowed in the game, but I can expect mods to come out for this game, so we can spline humanoid enemies into two with the lightsaber.

Overall, this game is my game of the year.

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