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Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2

This is a love letter to the “beautiful game” of RTS. This is everything that gaming should be. It’s an ode to real time strategy and military simulation that respects your intelligence as a gamer. It feels like a labour of love, like how people used to make games before. You can feel that for these guys, the game they made is not only a career, but also something special, something that will leave its mark, something that will be remembered, something that they would have loved to see on the market and play it themselves.

I honestly think this is the best, optimal concession that can ever be made between realism and fun, more realistic than that and it wouldn’t be fun, and more arcady than this and it wouldn’t be a wargame simulator. I think there is no other RTS game like this one. This is as close as you’ll ever get to the historical authenticy and source material while still having an actual fun and deep tactical strategy game.

Even the “arcady” elements the game has, such as the “signature” Eugen deck-building (which is even better now with phase-selection) mechanic where you build your own division, customized to what strategy you have in mind and yet limited and balanced by the historical limitations of the division you’re using, is itself a “realistic” abstraction, and is super fun. It appeals to my desire of creativity. I love coming up with crazy builds such as having an opening with veteran Luchs german light tanks and being rewarded with an early lead in the game.

Does it have flaws? Yes. I think it takes a little bit of time to get used to for sure. You should play a few games vs Easy AI. But, at the same time, with the amount of experience they have in the genre now, with the experience they have from past games, it is clear that this one has achieved something special as it has probably the best UI of all of them (which isn’t a feat since all past games had terrible UI lol), and is probably the easiest out of them all to get into and to start playing.

At least you should try playing it, not to mention that it’s one of these games that is super fun even on PvE especially if you play with friends.

This is a reference, the “Total War” of WWII strategy games, a pillar of gaming that we will look back to in the future (and play) with fond memories.

Thanks Eugen. Keep them coming please (also, “Wargame 4: Gulf Wars” when? xD)

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