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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a great example of how to do a port from the arcade to home systems; if maybe a bit too accurate.

This game emulates the arcade pretty much perfectly. Over 300 Characters on over 1000 Cards, ridiculous concepts such as SSJ4 Broly, Cell X, Kid Buu (Demon Lord Dabura absorbed), Vegeks (Vegeta + Trunks) and sooooo many more. The game is simply a blast to play, no matter how long you play it; for short sessions or long-plays.

The game looks, sounds and plays like it would in an actual arcade, for those of you who have never played any of these games before, that’s a good thing!
That being said, some elements seem a bit too close to the arcade. Those include:
-Graphics, which under-perform, especially when compared to the standard that games like Xenoverse 2 and FighterZ have set
-Specific Motion-Actions, which would easily work in an arcade, but are somewhat awkward to do on PC, like for example scratching your card up and down really fast or following a specific pattern
-Sound-effects, which sound like they’ve been lifted straight from the arcade, so much so, that they sound very low quality and just… bad

The story, if any of you are wondering, follows both a new concept as well as old villains’ plans from other editions of (Super) Dragon Ball Heroes, so if you’ve never played them before, the story is a blast.

-If you love the arcade, you’ll love this game
-If you love Dragon Ball, you’ll love this game, though don’t set you expectations to that of a regular DB game
-If you’re an anime fan, go check this game out
-If you don’t like strategy games, you might want to wait for a price drop
-If you’re a casual, you’ll want to try this game out. Easily the easiest one to get into, especially with the English Translation
-If you’re a graphics whore, you’re not a gamer (and also shouldn’t play this game)

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