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Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 Even though the game represents a standard Omega Force half-asset flip of their own first Attack on Titan game, it still delivers enough of new things. With plenty of options regarding your own character, the RPG-lite elements, and the way the player can interact and make …

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A Bloody Good Party

A Bloody Good Party Vermintide 2 shamelessly wears its influences on its sleeve. A love letter to both Left 4 Dead and Diablo, the game casts you as a party of characters fending off an invading army of rat-men (called Skaven), orcs, and all sorts of nasty beasts that want …

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Gravel Review

Gravel Review Share. A passable yet unremarkable arcade racer that has arrived at least a generation late. By Luke Reilly Gravel is an arcade-style off road racer that eschews tight and twisty traditional rallying in favour of mostly high speed assaults on generously wide tracks carved through a variety of …

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Exorder Game World Navigator Magazine Mar 20, 2018 Any genre aficionado will breeze through the campaign in a few hours, and multiplayer skirmishes are simply not worth it. Still, the game has a redeeming quality – if you have a small kid and you want to help him grasp the …

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Building An Imperfect Union

Building An Imperfect Union No government is perfect. While many idealistic concepts give birth to new nations, the implementation of those ideas usually strays from the intent – and yet, governments can succeed and thrive despite their imperfection. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is the same. It chronicles the …

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Heroes of the Storm Review – 2018

Heroes of the Storm Review – 2018 Share. Blizzard’s MOBA packs a ton of variety and excellent characters. By Ian Nowakowski [Editor’s Note: This review replaces our original 2015 review which, thanks to Blizzard’s constant updates, no longer reflects the state of Heroes of the Storm.] If variety is the …

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