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Splitgate: Arena Warfare

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Splitgate: Arena WarfareSplitgate: Arena Warfare is a multiplayer first-person-shooter that uses player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of arena combat. Publisher: 1047 Games Release Date: May 24, 2019

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American Fugitive

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American Fugitive Ultimately, it’s clear that the design of American Fugitive has taken great inspiration from the likes of Grand Theft Auto, and this offers a nostalgic recreation, for those who want it, of a sandbox series that has had incredible influence on gaming as a whole. However, by focusing …

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SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest

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SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Overall production values are great with all dialogue having accompanying voice acting and when talking to NPCs you’re often presented with several dialogue choices – many of which expand the world’s lore and current events. With several quality of life and mechanic upgrades from SpellForce 3, …

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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review

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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review Share. A clever twist makes an otherwise-generic shooter stand out. By Samuel Horti As a rule, portal guns make everything better. In the case of Splitgate, the ability for every player to place two ends of a teleporter turns an otherwise average arena FPS into a …

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Octopath Traveler

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Octopath Traveler Octopath Traveler is a beautiful JRPG that feels and looks like the classics of old. But like most classic games, it is certainly not perfect and left something to be desired. I won’t go too much into the story. Just know that you play as 8 different characters (4 in …

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Red Dead Online Review

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Red Dead Online Review Share. Is this town big enough for the 32 of us? By Luke Reilly The pendulum of the Red Dead Online experience, which quietly removed its beta label in May, is one that swings wildly. One moment I might be engaged in patient management barely distinguishable …

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