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Bulking Basics

bulking season - Bulking Basics

Bulking Basics “It’s bulking season. Just EAT it bro. If it has calories, it’s going in your mouth.”. This might work if you are a genetic freak (that is almost none of us) or if you are consuming enough drugs to keep Pfizer in business. For the majority, let’s get …

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Olympic Lifting For Beginners

olympic lifting - Olympic Lifting For Beginners

Olympic Lifting For Beginners We’ve all seen the impressive feats of strength performed by Olympic athletes. Picking up huge amounts of weight and throwing it above their head. Screaming, then slamming it back onto the floor. What’s not to love?Although this art was lost for a few years, and only …

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How To Gain Weight Fast

gain weight fast - How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast There will come a point in many of our lives where we are sick of being skinny and feeling weak. So what we decide is to put on some muscle and gain weight. For most people, this will include some sit ups, bicep curls and …

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Diet As A Natural Testosterone Booster

increasing testosterone - Diet As A Natural Testosterone Booster

Diet As A Natural Testosterone Booster According to Harvard associate professor Abraham Morgentaler, M.D., “testosterone is what makes men, men.” It is responsible for many male characteristics, such as a deep voice, larger muscles, and the development of facial and body hair. It stimulates the growth of genitals during puberty, …

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Back Training

back muscles - Back Training

Back Training One of the most impressive sets of muscles on the human body, and one that is unfortunately neglected by many young trainees. Make no mistake, if you are hoping to build yourself a stare worthy physique, a decent back is definitely a must. Don’t know where to start? Let’s …

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Arm Training

biceps - Arm Training

Arm Training Arms. The reason that most 14 years olds throw on their “no pain no gainz” tank top, take a pre-workout that is too strong for them, and spend 2 hours pumping their guns in the squat rack. In all seriousness, everybody wants big arms. There is no one who …

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