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Intermittent Fasting – The Method

Intermittent Fasting – The Method Intermittent Fasting. What is it? Does it work? What are the methods? What is intermittent fasting? Quite simply it is not eating for long periods of time. Everybody fasts every day. When you are asleep, unless you are very talented, you aren’t going to be eating. …

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Macros Explained

Macros Explained Macros. What they are & how to use them. Eating is one of the biggest dysfunctions in western society. Most of the time life seems to be a struggle of the waistline. The reasons are fairly simple. We are not educated about food, and food companies fill the …

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#TeamCap – The Workout

#TeamCap – The Workout With the new marvel movie Captain America: Civil War out in cinemas, we thought we would share a few insights into how the Captain Chris Evans got into such monstrous shape. Every child is obsessed with super heroes, and it seems that since the last few …

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Train When You Don’t Want To

Train When You Don’t Want To It’s leg day. Your boss was a a-hole, you are tired, it’s raining. Whatever reasons that decide to crash your life, the result is the same. You don’t want to train. This isn’t an uncommon feeling, everyone who trains has days where they would …

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5×5 Workout – A Comprehensive Look

5×5 Workout – A Comprehensive Look 5×5 Workout 101 It is the regime that is heralded by the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Reg Park used it, Arnold Schwarzenegger used it. In short, it would be harder to name those who haven’t! So if you are looking for a simple weightlifting …

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Cutting Diet – What You Need To Know

Cutting Diet – What You Need To Know It’s may and Winter isn’t coming just yet, but Summer is. You’re looking to lose the blubber you have stored and reveal the diamond abs you know are there somewhere but you’ve got all these questions in your mind. How do you go …

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