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Dips for Beginners

This movement has sometimes been described as the “upper body squat”. This is because for sheer ability to produce strength and growth in the chest and triceps, there is probably no other move quite as effective. Let’s take a look at what dips do, how to do them, how you get good …

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How to Make Your Butt Bigger: The Definitive Guide

In the Kardashian-Minaj era, many are wondering how to get a bigger bum. And not just women. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, male (and female) butt lifts are on the rise. But, before you go injecting silicone into your derriere, it’s worth remembering that you can …

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How To Start Training If You’re Overweight

How many times have you attempted to lose weight, get into shape, or just start exercising? I am sure like many people on earth, you have started, maybe stuck at it for a while, but stopped. It is common, according to a 2013 study, 80% of Americans do not get the …

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Bulking Basics

“It’s bulking season. Just EAT it bro. If it has calories, it’s going in your mouth.”. This might work if you are a genetic freak (that is almost none of us) or if you are consuming enough drugs to keep Pfizer in business. For the majority, let’s get smart. So sorry …

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Olympic Lifting For Beginners

We’ve all seen the impressive feats of strength performed by Olympic athletes. Picking up huge amounts of weight and throwing it above their head. Screaming, then slamming it back onto the floor. What’s not to love?Although this art was lost for a few years, and only found in specialist gyms, …

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How To Gain Weight Fast

There will come a point in many of our lives where we are sick of being skinny and feeling weak. So what we decide is to put on some muscle and gain weight. For most people, this will include some sit ups, bicep curls and the occasional protein shake. Spoiler. This doesn’t …

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