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How To Get A Bigger Bum

Big butts are all the rage, and have been for a while just in case Kim Kardashian’s constant selfie production hadn’t alerted you. So for you the real world person, how can you get that great butt you’ve been chasing after? Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises …

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The Kettlebell Workout

What could be more awesome than throwing around a canon ball with a handle? We assume this was a question asked by the Russians who first added the word kettlebell into the dictionary. These interesting tools were used in ancient Greece as a feat of strength, then made their way to …

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Chest Training

Chest. The beach muscle that is the pride of all bodybuilders. All over the world, Monday evenings herald in the hordes of bench press buddies looking to get swole pecs. Everybody likes training their chest. The pump is incredible, and the gains are noticeable early on. However, whenever the majority of …

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Shoulder Training

Looking to create some bolder shoulders? Good work. A good pair of shoulders can be one of the defining parts of an impressive physique. They create the illusion of width that bodybuilders aim for, and make you fill out your t shirts nicely. So to create strong, big and importantly healthy shoulders …

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Fat Shaming Vs Body Positivity

Politics is a nasty world. People constantly sling mud at each other, and with the invention of social media, increasingly angry and hysterical voices around the globe are chiming in with their two cents. Ironically, that is exactly what we are going to do now. However, this is an issue that …

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Full Body Training Vs Body Part Splits

The age old debate of whether you should train each body part individually, or whether you should train your whole body in every session. What is best? The answer is it depends. Sorry to be vague, but it really does. The traditional wisdom says that if you are a beginner to …

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