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Leg Training

Wheels, pins, tree trunks. Every gym goer has a love hate relationship with their legs. For the majority of the gym going population, legs are a neglected body part. This is a huge shame, since having an impressive physique without impressive legs, that doesn’t exist. The legs are required if you …

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Metabolism Untangled

The word metabolism or metabolic rate don’t need to be mysterious to you. It is a simple function of the body that help to regulate the energy you use throughout the day. To see a more in depth definition, read about it here. How can you make sure your metabolism is working …

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Cold Shower For 30 Days – The Experiment

This experiment was not undertaken to understand or realize the health benefits of taking cold showers. These have been documented and commented upon in many different ways. This experiment was undertaken to learn mental lessons. People claim that this experiment teaches you much about success and mental strength, so that …

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It’s On Your Terms – Motivational Video

Transcript: “A guy asked me about two months ago, he said “E.T if there’s one mistake you’ve made, what’s that one mistake you’ve made?” I said “I’ll be honest with you; my values are not in alignment with my dreams. The problem with most people, the problem with most people …

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Back And Biceps Workout

Looking for a routine that is guaranteed to get you results on your back and biceps? Many trainees have an underdeveloped back, as more emphasis is given to the mirror muscles i.e the chest, shoulders etc. But, without a strong well rounded back, your physique will be much less impressive …

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Bodybuilding Supplements For Beginners

Got your training program, got your diet right, what next? Well if you are reading the propaganda from famous bodybuilding magazines, the next step is to load up on about $1000 worth of supplements since without them you will remain a weakling. Maybe there is some exaggeration going on in the …

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