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Cutting Diet – What You Need To Know

It’s may and Winter isn’t coming just yet, but Summer is. You’re looking to lose the blubber you have stored and reveal the diamond abs you know are there somewhere but you’ve got all these questions in your mind. How do you go about cutting? How many calories should you eat? …

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Boxing Training – Why Do It?

The beautiful art. Pugilism in its many forms has existed in our society for millennia. We have always been obsessed with the idea of perfecting the art of combat. Whether people enjoy boxing for the grisly and violent rounds of boxing where two wearisome warriors pound each other half to death, …

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Workout Routines For Women

Running, running and more running. This seems to be the mantra that many ladies out there live by when it comes to getting in shape. It is fine if you enjoy jogging, and to supplement a program that you are completing, there isn’t anything wrong with it. However, if you are …

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The Best Way To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Tired of carrying around belly fat? It seems to be the constant curse of modern times. The food we eat, and our lifestyle makes it all too easy to have a soggy midsection. So how can you defeat the belly? It is not complicated. Let us spell it out for …

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Compound Movements – Explained

So you want to get lean, or you want to become a towering mass of muscle. Where to begin? If you take your cues from infomercials, and fitness magazines, perhaps they would prescribe a load of bicep curls, tricep extensions and crunches. Are these horrible exercises? No. But are they …

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What is Real Body Positivity?

Without wanting to start a riot, it is a good idea to discuss intelligently the idea of body acceptance/positivity. This polarizing topic is often discussed with plenty of passion on both sides, and the conversation rapidly descends into a mudslinging contest. It is an issue that is very emotive, but …

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