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Neversong Neversong is a great game, both for those who backed its initial concept and those looking for a fresh gaming experience. It’s the kind of game that’ll stay in the thoughts of those who play it long after the credits roll, and which shows the potential for indie games …

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Wavey The Rocket

Wavey The Rocket TrueGaming May 12, 2020 70 Wavey the Rocket is an inventive experience with a plethora of well-designed levels and a variety of themes and challenges, although it may be too difficult at several occasions in a way that rids the experience of all the fun it presents.

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Overwatch Review (2020 Update)

Overwatch Review (2020 Update) After four years and one IGN Game of the Year Award, Overwatch has evolved into a multiplayer shooter that remains at the top of the class. It’s a dizzying amalgam of unique character design, stunningly realised style, and compellingly dynamic action. Minutes turn into hours as …

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Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Mafia II: Definitive EditionAfter taking a bullet during World War II and returning home to Empire Bay on leave, Sicilian immigrant Vito Scaletta discovers that his late father was indebted to a loan shark. He needs to make a lot of money fast, and thanks to his career criminal best …

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Pong Quest Review – Mediocre Modernization

Pong Quest Review – Mediocre Modernization In the 1970s, Atari’s Pong captivated fledgling gamers across the world thanks to its ability to translate the sport of table tennis to two electronic paddles on a screen. Pong Quest evolves the formula, delivering a procedurally generated dungeon-crawler where all enemy encounters are …

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Halo 2: Anniversary

Halo 2: Anniversary Halo 2: Anniversary is an excellent game, bringing fantastic first-person action and a compelling continuation of the story. The characters – Master Chief, Arbiter, Oracle, and more, all bring something to the table in a well-done script. Even those who just come for the shooting will likely …

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