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10 inspirational #DrawingWhileBlack artists

Social media is the place to be if you’re an artist looking to get involved with a community, share work and get noticed. We’ve already seen how month-long challenges and briefs like Inktober and MerMay can give artists the motivation to get creative. Now the recent #DrawingWhileBlack tag aims to …

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40 amazing After Effects tutorials

Want to know how to do something in After Effects? The web is brimming with tutorials for people wanting to learn about Adobe Creative Cloud’s 3D, motion graphics and animation software. But sometimes it can be an uphill struggle finding the tutorial that’s right for you. 40 After Effects tutorials …

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22 best iPad art apps for painting and sketching

The best iPad apps for creating digital art selected for this list prove that Apple’s tablet has moved beyond just being for media consumption and is fast becoming ripe for content creation. The iPad Pro with iOS 11, teamed with an Apple Pencil, are now powerful creative tools to rival …

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How to make massive explosions with V-Ray

Creating and compositing 3D explosions is usually a task for two different artists or studio departments, but here we’ll blur that line by using the V-Ray for Nuke plugin. Instead of working with rendered explosions from a VFX application, we’ll instead show you how to use .vbd files exported from …

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9 iPad Pro apps that make the most of Apple Pencil

There’s no doubt that the Apple Pencil is an impressive design tool, but to make the most of it you need the right iPad Pro apps – ones that truly take advantage of its power and flexibility. Happily, as this list shows, there is already a strong roster of iPad …

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4 classic movie poster designs making a comeback

Movie posters have come a long way over the years, with classic movie poster designs providing some of the most recognisable imagery of our popular culture. Think ET against the moon, Mrs. Robinson’s leg, Audrey Hepburn’s cigarette-slim black dress, Jaws spearing up through the water, an Alien egg glowing MacGuffin …

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