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Back Training

Back Training One of the most impressive sets of muscles on the human body, and one that is unfortunately neglected by many young trainees. Make no mistake, if you are hoping to build yourself a stare worthy physique, a decent back is definitely a must. Don’t know where to start? Let’s …

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Arm Training

Arm Training Arms. The reason that most 14 years olds throw on their “no pain no gainz” tank top, take a pre-workout that is too strong for them, and spend 2 hours pumping their guns in the squat rack. In all seriousness, everybody wants big arms. There is no one who …

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5/3/1 Workout – What / Why / How

5/3/1 Workout – What / Why / How In this article we take an in depth look at the method known as 5/3/1. What is it? Why does it work? How do you do it? The 5/3/1 workout was the brain child of iron god Jim Wendler. Wendler had his …

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Dips for Beginners

Dips for Beginners This movement has sometimes been described as the “upper body squat”. This is because for sheer ability to produce strength and growth in the chest and triceps, there is probably no other move quite as effective. Let’s take a look at what dips do, how to do them, how …

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Getting Back Into Training

Getting Back Into Training Injured? Been ill? Been travelling around the world for 6 months? Whatever the case, you have stopped training. You have lost a bunch of muscle, a bunch of strength, and gained a little fat from a few too many cold beers on the beach. This can …

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How To Get A Bigger Bum

How To Get A Bigger Bum Big butts are all the rage, and have been for a while just in case Kim Kardashian’s constant selfie production hadn’t alerted you. So for you the real world person, how can you get that great butt you’ve been chasing after? Let’s take a look …

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