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The Kettlebell Workout

The Kettlebell Workout What could be more awesome than throwing around a canon ball with a handle? We assume this was a question asked by the Russians who first added the word kettlebell into the dictionary. These interesting tools were used in ancient Greece as a feat of strength, then made …

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Chest Training

Chest Training Chest. The beach muscle that is the pride of all bodybuilders. All over the world, Monday evenings herald in the hordes of bench press buddies looking to get swole pecs. Everybody likes training their chest. The pump is incredible, and the gains are noticeable early on. However, whenever the …

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Shoulder Training

Shoulder Training Looking to create some bolder shoulders? Good work. A good pair of shoulders can be one of the defining parts of an impressive physique. They create the illusion of width that bodybuilders aim for, and make you fill out your t shirts nicely. So to create strong, big and importantly …

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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits Life is habit. Or rather, life is a succession of habits. This is one of the most important points to remember if you are trying to change your life in any way. Understanding habits, how they work and how your brain processes them can lead to a …

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The Lean Body Diet

The Lean Body Diet Looking to get lean? Before we start, you need to promise to give us two things. 8 weeks of your life. Absolute dedication to this program. If you can’t spare 8 weeks of your life, then this lean body diet isn’t for you. Sorry if that sounds …

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How to Gain Muscle; A Step By Step Guide

How to Gain Muscle; A Step By Step Guide Want to gain some muscle? Making this choice is a great investment in your health and future. Let’s take a look at three main areas you need to focus on when learning how to gain muscle. Train When thinking about how …

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